DRX re-signs with Deft and Plans to Build New Roster with Deft in the Center.

Image Source: DragonX


On the 18th (KST), DRX has announced that they have successfully re-signed Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu. WIth this, they’ve started to rebuild their roster, with Deft as the core member.


DRX has evaluated Deft very highly, some of which includes in-game prowess, popularity and his flexibility. Deft agreed with the team’s vision, goals, and management plans, thus decided to continue the journey with DRX towards raising the Summoner’s Cup. With trust between the organization and the players as a core foundation, DRX is getting ready to take flight in the upcoming season.


Deft is considered to be one of the best Bot laners in the world by many, and his uniquely aggressive style of dealing damage earned him the nickname, the ‘Damage-dealing Machine’. For 7+ years, not only has he remained a top player in the scene, his mindset and his vast experiences makes him one of the best players in the industry.


Deft commented, “I’m truly excited to start anew with a new coaching staff and players. My goal has always been winning the LoL World Championship, and I felt that the best way to achieve that goal is with DRX.” He continued, “In order to achieve such a monumental goal, I’ll make sure to take one step at a time towards it. I believe that I can grow even more, and I’ll make sure to give it my all, with the mindset of starting from the beginning. No matter who my opponents are, I’ll make sure to not lose to anyone, and meet the fans’ expectations.”


Choi Sang-in, the CEO of DragonX, commented, “We’re honored to have a player like Deft, who not only has the best mechanical skills, but also has the best mindset as a pro, in the upcoming year. We’re expecting him to play a core role in leading the team into success, and we’d like to thank Deft for identifying with much of the team’s direction. We will make sure to write history with Deft by lifting the Summoner’s Cup, and we will continue to diligently work towards building the best roster possible.



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