[ArcRevo America 2019] YMST is your 2019 BlazBlue: Central Fiction champion

YMST has won the 2019 BlazBlue: Central Fiction Grand Finals. After losing the first series from the Winner's side 3-0 to CYCLOPS athlete gaming's  Shoji "Fenritti" Sho, YMST took things down to the wire, defeating Fenritti on the third round of game 5.

Fenritti has long been considered the best BlazBlu player in the world, and was the only player in the top 8 to utilize a non S-tier character in Jin Kasaragi. YMST, on the other hand, made the most Hades: Izanami's electrifying kit to barely win the match by as narrow margins as possible. YMST also won the BlazBlue singles bracket at ArcRevo Japan in 2018 one year ago, also with Izanami.


In winning the BlazBlue: Central Fiction Grand Finals at ArcRevo America 2019, YMST received thunderous praise from the crowd at University of California. That wouldn't be the end of what he received after his win though, as YMST was handed  a $ 20,000 check and trophy for 1st place, as well as a brand new OBSIDIAN joystick. 

YMST is now in a 3-way tie at the top of the BBCF global standings; tied at 550 with Fenritti and Dragonlord Z.

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