[G-Star 2019] Sights from the Pearl Abyss Booth at G-Star


Korea's biggest game show, G-Star 2019 commenced on the 14th (KST) at Busan BEXCO. Despite the suddenly cold weather, many fans gathered to participate in the events and to try out the many new games only available in G-Star.


There was a booth that had more people than the other booths... It was the Pearl Abyss booth. This is the first time Pearl Abyss is participating in the B2C area. They have the biggest area as a single game company at this G-Star, with demonstration zones of Black Desert Online, EVE Online along with their new games, Shadow Arena, Crimson Desert, Plan 8, and DokeV.


The Pearl Abyss Store was also widely popular filled with Black Desert Online goods. Let's have a look at their huge booth with their four new games, the Pearl Abyss Store, and the demonstration zone.


▲ A LOT of people gathered to watch the Pearl Abyss Connect 2019.
▲ Announcing the four new games of Pearl Abyss.
▲ The gathered fans can't take their eyes off of the presentation.

Demonstration ZoneMobile games with Samsung Galaxy to Consoles

▲ Shall we have a look at the booth? The Black Spirit from BDO welcomes you.
▲ The arena demo zone of BDO Mobile
▲ Heading further in...
▲ There are beanbag chairs where you can enjoy BDO comfortably on console!
▲ The staff is always around to help when you're having trouble.
▲ The PC version of BDO that many users are fond of.
▲ Pink desert?
▲ The Korean version of EVE Online demonstration zone is also here.
▲ Amazing monitors...
▲ And the Shadow Arena zone as well!

Pearl Abyss StoreFull of BDO Goods! Black Spirits are this cute!

▲ Now, shall we head to the Pearl Abyss Store?
▲ It was packed with people as well.
▲ Collect them all!
▲ Pink spirit
▲ The Garmoth head statue is cooler if you see it IRL
▲ The spirit LED blinks in many different colors.
▲ There's also a Black Spirit blanket, where you can disguise as one.
▲ Black Spirit socks!
▲ And T-Shirts
▲ You can fill your goods in the Samsung Galaxy bags.
▲ Buy a Black Spirit today!
▲ The biggest booth at G-Star! Visit the Pearl Abyss booth when you have a chance!

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