Did DragonX Ask KT Bdd to Join Their Team?

A tweet from DragonX, formerly known as Kingzone DragonX, was brought on as a public issue in the LCK.


While Deft was playing a game with Bdd, he told Deft that he missed a specific Korean dish back when he was in Kingzone. The next day, DragonX posted a tweet with Deft's picture. On the tweet, they said, "Rascal, Who really likes this food?' with several hashtags.


The problem was with these four tags: #그집닭발(The restaurant Bdd misses), #중국행티켓(A flight ticket to China), #니가있어야할곳(The place you belong), #리복받아놨어(We already got the Reebok - The uniform brand of DragonX). 


With some background information, the meanings of those hashtags can be easily figured out. Especially, these two hashtags #니가있어야할곳(The place you belong), #리복받아놨어(We already got the Reebok) passively implied that DragonX wants BDD to join their team.


KT Rolster responded to this issue publicly. KT announced their stance on their official Facebook account and reported a post, most likely assumed as DragonX's tweet, to Riot Games to review whether there's a team violated the tampering clause.



*Update: DragonX has uploaded a public apology regarding the matter. The following is a translation of their statement.


Hello, this is DRX. First, we'd like to apologize to Bdd for the picture that we've uploaded on the 11th. This was completely our fault, and Bdd has done nothing wrong with rergards to this matter. Henceforth, we'd hope that there won't be any disappointment or criticism towards the player.


We failed to realize that the picture we've uploaded would lead to potential player tampering issues or criticism towards a player. If we honestly thought that the picture we've uploaded would conciliate a player in any way, or if we committed player tampering in any shape or form, we would not have uploaded the picture. Whatever our intentions were, we'd like to take this chance to deeply apologize to the many that were left confused.


As a fan of Bdd and LCK, we will continue to respect all the players. Lastly, we wish the past pride of our team and the ace of another, Bdd, continued success in his endeavors.



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    level 4 Anoplexian

    It's even more interesting because he's a former KDX player after their rebranding from Longzhu. How could they have thought it WOULDN'T be player tampering?

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