All Events to Keep an Eye On at G-Star 2019

Korea’s biggest game show, G-Star is coming soon at Busan BEXCO. From the 14th to the 17th of November (KST), the exhibition will conclude 2019 and feature games to be launched next year for the first time. It’s an event that both gamers and developers concentrate a lot. As much as it’s a place where visitors can try the upcoming games ahead of others, many gamers head to G-Star every year.


However, introducing new games isn’t the only point of interest in G-Star. Every year, G-Star changed little by little and now, it is more of an event where they communicate with the gamers. Along with G-Star, its own conference, G-CON invites famous speakers every year and draws interest from future game planners and developers.


There are many other events ready for the participants this year. What event is prepared at G-Star 2019? Below are the main events held at this year’s G-Star.

■ The best game of the year? - Korea Game Award

◎ Event: Korea Game Award

◎ Schedule: Nov. 13th 17:00 - 18:30 (KST)


■ Nominees

┗ Main Award Nominees : Lost Ark, BTS World, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, Blade n Soul Revolution, The Seven Deadly Sins, Koongya Catch Mind, Crazy Arcade BnB M, King of Fighters All-Stars, Traha, Rogan, The War of Genesis, Mistover

┗ Popularity Award Nominees : BTS World, Lost Ark, LYN: The Lightbringer, Blade n Soul Revolution, Koongya Catch Mind, Crazy Arcade BnB M, Traha, FIFA Online 4


The Korea Game Award which features the best game among the games launched this year will be held the day before G-Star, on the 13th. The MoCST (Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism), ETNews, Sports Chosun will host with the supervision of KGames (Korea Association of Game Industry) will prize 15 fields and 22 genres.



■ Chance to learn the secrets of the industry! - G-Star Conference

◎Event: TOAST Game Seminar

◎Schedule: Nov. 15th 12:00 - 14:00 (KST)


Aside from the ‘IGC X G-CON’, NHN will be holding a TOAST Game Seminar on the 15th for about 2 hours. This will be about NHN’s cloud game service, TOAST. If you’re interested in the rising mobile threats and TOAST’s strategy to react to that, don’t miss this seminar!


◎Event: Cafe AppLovin

◎Schedule: Nov. 14th - 15th


Mobile app advertisement platform AppLovin prepared a spot to introduce their ad solution and their domestic business activity, ‘Cafe AppLovin’. In this event, seminars like ‘The Shortcut to Maximizing Benefit, MAX?’, ‘Successful App Marketing to be Learned from Successful Examples’, etc, and 1 on 1 counseling with AppLovin officials will be available as well.


◎Event: Korea’s Game Culture Seen Through the Change of Users and Platform

◎Schedule: Nov. 16th 13:00 - 17:00


Korea Academic Society of Games will be holding a seminar on ‘Korea’s Game Culture Seen Through the Change of Users and Platform’. In this seminar, they will analyze how changes in users and platforms affected the Korean game culture. Taking another step, they will be seeking political measures to develop the Korean game industry and to settle a healthy gaming culture.


◎Event: IGC X G-CON

◎Schedule: Nov. 14th - 15th


From the 14th to 15th, IGC X G-CON will be held in the second exhibition center. From even before it is held, wide interest is being drawn due to many famous developers from popular game studios that are scheduled to speak. Starting from blockchains, speakers will discuss clouds, indie games, platforms, IPs, etc. There will be diverse sessions with divers speakers; a total of 35 sessions. You can check the details of the conference at the official IGC homepage.

■ Bogyeom and Feng Timo?! Hot Streamers Ready to Roll! - G-Star Booth Event

◎Booth: BEXCO Outdoors Event Area

◎Main Program: Cosplay Awards


The cosplay awards that was very successful last year is coming back again this year. While where will be closer contest compared to last year, there will be an event where visitors can experience costumes and items themselves and a photo zone with the cosplayers.

◎Booth: Inven

◎Main Programs: Hearthstone: Arena 10,000 Pack Challenge, ArcheAge Quiz&Dance Show, Welcome to Overwashow, Call of Duty Mobile Event, Legends of Runeterra special broadcast


Inven will participate in G-Star in the size of 60 booths. There will be diverse quizzes and giveaway events on the main stage and several demonstration games, Market Inven pop-up store, etc will be held. The main events will be with Legends of Runeterra, ArcheAge, Call of Duty: Mobile, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. Among the events, the Call of Duty: Mobile exhibition match where Bogyeom and Feng Timo will participate is drawing wide interest already.

◎Booth: SuperCell

◎Main Programs: Brawl Stars Solo Tournament, Triple Tournament


SuperCell is the main sponsor of this year’s G-Star. They will be presenting Brawl Stars. In the SuperCell booth that realized the Brawl Stars environment, they will be holding many user matchup events like solo tournaments and triple tournaments. Visitors can play with/against famous influencers and players, and also get tips from them. Limited edition goods will be given out the further they progress into the rounds. Whoever enjoys Brawl Stars shouldn’t miss this chance.

◎Booth: Angel Games

◎Main Programs: Special Match, Project Random Tower Defense & Project Arena Exhibition Match


Angel Games prepared a matchup with pro gamers with their own new games. As much as it is a chance to play against legends of the esports scene, many visitors are expected.

◎Booth: Krafton

◎Main Programs: PUBG PC Bang Lan Party, PUBG Heritage


With an outdoor booth, Krafton will be exhibiting many games of their own starting from PUBG. They prepared a very special event for this G-Star: a PC Bang Lan Party of PUBG, which brought a big bang of the battle royale genre around the world. On the 16th, starting from 5 PM, people can visit the iPark PC Bang in Suyeong district to play the game and participate in the Q&A corner. Hot interest is expected from PUBG fans as it’s a chance to communicate with the developers and receive prizes.

◎Booth: Google Play

◎Main Program: Play On Challenge


In the Google Play booth, the final match of the ‘Play On Challenge’, which is a variety program that decides the best mobile game. 10 influencers such as ‘Calmness Man’ and ‘KimBlue’ will be participating to decide the best mobile game among PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, Crazy Arcade, Infinite Stairs, and Koongya Catch Mind.


◎Booth: X.D. Global

◎Main Programs: Langrisser Streamer PvP Match, Identity V Special Esports Match


In the X.D. Global booth, SeoSaebom, Reva, etc will be participating in various special stage events. There will also be events on Langrisser streamer PvP match, Identity V special esports match. Not only that, there will be content where SonggisaTV and Super Gamedori who upload guides on Langrisser as well.

■ Esports Finals at G-Star

◎Event: Brawl Stars World Finals

◎Schedule: Nov. 15th - 16th


SuperCell is hosting the first official Brawl Stars esports competition this year. The finals will be held at G-Star. With a total prize pool of $250,000, 8 teams around the world will battle for the championship.

◎Event: AfreecaTV Streamer Destruction Battle

◎Schedule: Nov. 14th - 18th


In the AfreecaTV booth, the destruction battle of AfreecaTV streamers on Tekken 7, FIFA Online 4, League of Legends, Starcraft, and Starcraft 2. The winner of the ‘destruction battle’ will be decided at the G-Star scene. Also, several other programs like AIEF (Asia Influencer Esports Festival), PUBG PC/Mobile Battle, Legends of Runeterra special, etc will be prepared for the visitors.A

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