[Cartoon] Where will MSI, the Younger Brother to Worlds, be Hosted in 2020?

Today’s cartoon is about predictions on where the next Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) will take place next year.


With the 2019 LoL World Championship (Worlds) coming to an end, the region to host next year’s Worlds has been revealed. There was nothing surprising here, as it has been previously announced by Riot Games. People’s attention is now at the next international tournament, MSI. With opportunities of revenge resting at MSI, fans from all around the world are keen to see more competition. With no official announcements yet to be made, it’ll be fun to imagine which regions will be able to host MSI in 2020 or the next few years.


Although there aren’t any official announcements made by Riot, the biggest candidate for where it’ll be hosted in is the Arab nations. Riot recently made an announcement in their 10th anniversary stream that they will start supporting the Arabic language, and with rumors of Spring split starting later than usual in all regions because of Ramadan, many are predicting that next year’s MSI will be hosted somewhere in the Arab nations. Although there are concerns because it’s a region unfamiliar to esports, many notable conferences and sports events are held in Dubai, so it’s definitely a possibility.


Another region that has the potential to host MSI is Turkey. Many players that are familiar to LCK fans are part of numerous TCL teams, and with strong fanbases for teams like Supermassive, Beşiktaş Esports, 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports, and Royal Youth, it's a strong region on its own. Although it’s a region that’s relatively newer than the 4 major regions, if you think about how MSI in 2016 was held in Brazil, it’s almost natural to think that MSI will be held in Turkey someday, especially when Riot wants to expand even further in other regions.


Obviously, many LCK fans are hoping that MSI 2020 will be held in Korea. Although Korea hosted Worlds twice, no other international tournaments have been held, other than Rift Rivals. With a strong history in esports, not only does Korea have the infrastructure, but is also justifiably viable to host next year’s MSI. However, Worlds will be held in Shanghai in 2020, and although there aren’t any rules limiting such close regions to host major international tournaments, Korea’s chances of hosting MSI in 2020 looks a tad slimmer than that of Turkey and the Arab nations.


MSI is the next stage where the best teams from around the world regroup themselves and try to prove that they’re the best. How will teams that were eliminated early from Worlds come back, and which region will the battles take place? Wherever it may be, the fans are always ready and patiently waiting for Riot’s announcement.

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