Hearthstone Battlegrounds' first patch includes nerfs to Mama Bear, Infinite Toki

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▲ Hearthstone Battlegrounds is Blizzard's take on the auto-chess genre.


Although the game has only been out for one week, Activision Blizzard's development team is making sure that Hearthstone Battlegrounds is getting the respect it deserves. On Monday afternoon, a member of the Hearthstone community team shared the game's first patch notes since the mode went into Early Access last week. With numerous balance changes, game fixes, and updates taking place, Blizzard is working to ensure that Battlegrounds isn't a flash in the pan.


The following changes are currently live on the PC version of the game while the mobile version will be updated over the next few hours.


Balance Changes


Mama Bear is being changed from a 5/5 that gives +5/+5 to a 4/4 that gives +4/+4.



Kangor's Apprentice is being changed from a 4/8 to a 3/6, making it slightly easier to pop.


The following Hero Powers are changing as well to provide a more balanced pool of heroes to choose from:

Infinite Toki - Temporal Tavern is being changed from a 1 cost to 2 and now reads "Refresh Bob's Tavern. Add a minion from a higher Taven Tier."

King Mukla- Bananarama is being changed to "Passive Hero Power: Whenever you buy a beast, add a Banana to your hand."

Jaraxxus- Bloodfury is being changed from 3 cost to 2.


Changes in the works


According to the development team in the blog post, players can expect updates to Battlegrounds "fairly regularly" to the tune of "every month or so, perhaps a little faster." Although the pool of heroes to choose from currently sits at 24, the team is working to add more playable characters and cards to choose from as well. Long-time Hearthstone fans may see a "couple of very familiar faces" as well.


When the next update goes live in the near future, the development team is looking to flesh out the amount of information and stats players can use to further improve their play. By adding an "advanced stats screen" that will show information such as "your top 5 heroes by wins, most played heroes, how many first-place finishes, etc" users will be able to make more educated decisions with data to back it up.




Hearthstone Battlegrounds is expected to move into Open Beta on Tuesday, November 12 with the exact time unknown.

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