Kamui Cosplay Talks About BlizzCon Favorites and Cosplaying From the New Games

Protoss Wizard


Cosplay duo Svetlana and Benni Quindt have been perfecting the craft since 2003. Spending most of their time building costumes and props from their favorite games, they share their experience with the online cosplay community by producing crafting books, tutorial videos and more.



At BlizzCon 2019 Lara Lunardi got the chance to interview Svetlana about her thoughts on BlizzCon, new titles announced and how that will affect cosplayers:


What did you think of the announcements so far?


Oh my God, I'm really excited especially for Diablo IV. As a cosplayer this means new cosplay references for me! I'm also really excited for Overwatch 2 because they made all the designs more cosplay friendly, also more skins, more stuff to cosplay. I think it's all really really cool and I am excited to try all the new games and all the new IPs, I think it will be really cool!


When we talk about your work, we often see a lot of vivid colors, a lot of different styles of airbrushing and the Blizzard classic style of painting. The new Diablo game brings a new style to it, it's a little bit more dark. How do you feel about that when it comes to cosplay?


I don't know... I think it gives more possibilities specially for special effects, gore, blood, it's a little bit more spooky. It goes in a different direction because Diablo is not any more like rainbow-like, sunny and shiny. Diablo was never supposed to be like that, but some of the costumes (in the previous game) are actually like that. I think it will be very interesting to go in a darker way of design.


Are you looking forward to any designs in specific?


Yeah! I wanna see more Barbarian armor, and I play Druid in Diablo II, so I'm really excited about that. The Overwatch skins also look very interesting.


Lastly,  do you have any advice to the new cosplayers that want to get in the hobby and for the veterans that already are in it?


I think never be scared to try something out,  you will find a lot of resources on YouTube, on social media, I also have plenty of cosplay crafting books if you want to get them at https://www.kamuicosplay.com/startingwithcosplay/  and in general, try out things. Buying costumes is also totally fine!

BlizzCon in general is a great opportunity to show your work and also to meet new friends, get new followers and you know, have a great time here!




You can find their books here: https://www.kamuicosplay.com/startingwithcosplay/


Diablo III Wizard
Protoss Wizard - Original Design,, shot by Martin Wong
Judgement Blood Elf Paladin

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