Sonwooang Talks About the Creation of His Unique Art Style


South Korean artist  and intertnet superstar Sonwooang has been creating lovable League of Legends art known by the entire online community. We got the opportunity to chat with him about the creation of his art style, his thoughts on True Damage and more! 


Please introduce yourself, Sonwooang! 


Hello, everyone. This is Sonwooang. I'm currently living in Korea (since I'm Korean), 25 years old, and I'm a freelancer (in other words, unemployed). Also, as you all probably know, I have a huge crush on Jinx.




Tell us a little bit about your art. You have developed a very unique style over the years that characterizes a lot of your work. How did you create this style?


Well, I have this old habit to skip the sketch since I just really want to get to the final step as quickly as possible. And because of this habit, some of my old drawings are pretty terrible (Seeing those old mistakes makes me cringe real hard). But luckily, thanks to this habit, I get to made my own proper art style of simple, lovely, and comical. 




Are there any other styles you like to explore? 


The overall vibe of League of Legends is very epic, serious and somewhat mysterious; which is sort of contrary to my art style. So I wish to get better at drawing so someday I can also draw more League of Legends-ish art works. 


When did you start playing League of Legends? Given your drawings...we can guess you're a big fan!


 I started playing League of Legends when Rengar was first introduced to the game, but I wasn't quite into it because the game felt very difficult to me back then. But after Jinx has been added, it really got my attention and since then I've been very passionate to the game. 




The newest musical project of LoL was just teased. You made some adorable - and hilarious artwork of True Damage.

What are your thoughts on the skins so far?


I really love True Damage. Distinct style of each champion, expanding story lines...everything. Those things are great materials for my works. 



Do you think the K/DA girls are a bit jealous of Akali starting a new band without them? 


K/DA members are probably concerning about Akali, since she is the youngest member of the team. 



Lastly, do you have a message to your fans?


Always thank you to every fan out there, and hope to see you with more fresh, entertaining drawings & cartoons!


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