Teamfight Tactics revamps rewards pass in Rise of the Elements set

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▲ Set 2 of Teamfight Tactics launches on Wednesday.


Ever since Riot Games launched their auto-chess title, Teamfight Tactics, a few months ago, they have worked to provide players with ways to earn goodies through playing. How they've gone about building out their free-to-play reward system is through "beta passes."


In these passes, which are live for short periods of time, players are able to earn experience by playing, claiming daily login bonuses, and completing missions. Once a certain threshold is reached, an emote, icon, Little Legend Egg or Arena Chroma is unlocked. As the latter two are considered the most exciting to most players, many have provided feedback to the development team that they really only care about a couple of the rewards each pass.


▲ Not all players enjoy unlocking icons and emotes.


In a blog post from the development team on Monday morning, they wanted to let the community know that their input was heard and changes are on the way. Starting on Wednesday, which is when Set 2 "Rise of the Elements" launches, a new reward pass will debut with community input in mind.


According to the blog post:


The Rise of the Elements pass is more heavily focused on the most exciting stuff. You’ll be able to earn four map chromas, based off the four core elements of the set: Inferno, Mountain, Ocean, and Cloud.

This pass doesn’t have any summoner icons—we’ve seen the memes and know you have plenty of them. We’ve upgraded all of the smaller rewards to emotes.

At the end of the pass are two little legends eggs, a Set 1 Egg and a Set 1-3 Rare Egg.


Additionally, opposed to numerous passes going live throughout a set alongside patches to the game, Rise of the Elements will have only one pass to ensure players can earn all rewards along the way and aren't rushed.


With less restrictive daily rewards and goodies aimed more at the "exciting stuff," when Set 2 does go live on Wednesday, players will be able to enjoy a brand new way to play and earn rewards.

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