[OWWC 2019 Team South Korea Press Conference] Mano: "Our conditions weren't in top shape. The schedule was compact and in short notice. [...] So all those played a factor."

After trying to accomplish a four-peat in the Overwatch World Cup, Team USA derailed Team South Korea from doing so in an intense series. After the match, Team South Korea spoke to the media about their Overwatch World Cup performance and how they can reclaim their title next year.

▲ Carlton Beener for Blizzard Entertainment

I wanted to ask you guys about the match against Team France earlier in the tournament. When you lost that match, did you think you would come back on a roll?

Carpe: One of the biggest reasons we lost against France was because we didn't know how to adapt to each opponent. After the match and discussing with the team, we felt confident that if we played France again, we would win.

Team South Korea had the three-peat coming into this World Cup. Because Team USA had a home advantage here in Anaheim, do you think it played a factor in their win against you guys?

Mano: I can't give a solid answer because we don't know how Team USA prepared. We don't know if they had home advantage against us. Our conditions weren't in top shape. The schedule was compact and in short notice. We had to also get used to the time zone. So all those played a factor.

I do feel bad because South Korea performed really well in the previous World Cups. We were looking to get the four-peat but couldn't do that and that's why we feel sad we got the bronze medal.

One of the community managers from Team South Korea mentioned on Twitter that they couldn't find a place to practice and scrim. Did that affect the ending result for the World Cup?

Crusty: Some of the teams had sponsors, but our team did have a practice facility in Korea since Gen G sponsored us. Normally, the GM tried to find sponsorships but there was no candidate in South Korea. Only YBT (YongBongTang) was the only person to find us a sponsor but he also had to do casting. So, it was difficult. We reached out to America really late. We couldn't scrim American teams so we didn't figure out the meta. We couldn't practice for 5 days.

Honestly, if we win and made the finals, it would be weird. I say that especially since we didn't practice much. 

(To Crusty, Choihyobin, and Architect) What's one thing you learned about playing against your SF Shock teammates super, sinatraa, and moth that you didn't until after the match? 

Choihyobin: There's nothing really significantly different. We knew that they are super aggressive. On top of that, they are really great players. That's why they won. 

A couple of you guys have been in the World Cup before. A lot of you who is new to the World Cup. What did you guys learn from this experience?

Architect: Being able to play in the Overwatch World Cup means representing your country. There is an inevitable burden that comes with that. All of the players are talented. I do feel bad that the ending result isn't what we expected. The fact that we couldn't spend more time together to practice felt bad. We are very sorry to the fans that we ended up in 3rd place.

How will your training in the Overwatch World Cup affect your performance going into the Overwatch League next season?

Haksal: Definitely one of the biggest things I learned is that it's not as easy as it looks. It was difficult and there's a lot of burden. The fact that we couldn't practice lends itself to our performance. If I get selected into the 2020 Overwatch World Cup, I want to take the time, scrim as much as possible and get ready. South Korea has done so well in the past three years. Since this is my first time here, I feel sorry that I can't bring another gold back for the country.

(To Mano and Carpe) What is your take on the Overwatch World Cup?

Mano: Before coming to the Overwatch World Cup this year, I thought that if Korea loses this year, the team and I will have a lot of regrets. Having all these matches and getting third place, I don't have any regrets anymore. I'm thankful to meet all these talented players, coaches, and staff for Team South Korea. Getting close to them was a gift. I want to talk to the players who are playing their first time here in the World Cup and let them know that even though we didn't get the gold medal, don't beat yourself up too much. Let it go and let's learn from this experience for the 2020 Overwatch World Cup.

Carpe: Coming into my second consecutive year in the World Cup, I knew it's not going to be easy. I knew it could've been difficult but I wanted to join to take on the challenge. Although we stopped at the bronze medal, I'm thankful to meet everyone here. There are many people here who were involved are amazing. The things I learned from the Overwatch World Cup today can help me in the Overwatch League next season. 

This Overwatch World Cup showed that every team's skill level rose drastically. Was there any team in this tournament that caught you off guard?

Architect: Definitely Team USA. super, sinatraa, and moth were all on my team in SF Shock. Even though I knew how good they were, I was not able to communicate with the rest of my team of how good they were. That's why we were caught off guard by them. 

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