[OWWC 2019 Team China Press Conference] RUI: "It was mainly due to our indecisiveness and the fact that we lost our grasp on a lot of maps. Like, we didn't manage our ultimates well."

A somber mood was rampant throughout Team China's press conference following their defeat to Team USA in the grand finals. After all, it was not the first time they experienced a loss like this. Last year, they also took home silver after being defeated by Team South Korea. Team China took a few moments to talk to the media about match against Team USA and experiences in the World Cup.

▲ Carlton Beener for Blizzard Entertainment

What was it about Team USA that took you off guard? What was unexpected about that strategy?

guxue: The schedule this year was a little bit tight. We spent a lot of time in prelims. When we faced Team USA, we didn't have as much time to prepare for those maps.

What is the biggest difference between performing in the Overwatch League and Overwatch World Cup?

Eileen: The biggest difference is that you have a lot of time to prepare and change your fortune. With World Cup, there's not as much room for all that. 

(To Coach RUI) What do you think was the main reason you lost to Team USA?

RUI: It was mainly due to our indecisiveness and the fact that we lost our grasp on a lot of maps. Like, we didn't manage our ultimates well. Team USA also gave us so much pressure.

Were there any teams that surprised you during the World Cup?

Eileen: Netherlands because prior to coming here, we've never played them and didn't expect much from them. We didn't expect them to be so good since they're from Contenders and we all play in the Overwatch League. 

▲ Carlton Beener for Blizzard Entertainment

You guys put up a good fight even if it was a difficult match. I want to know if there are any words that you want to say to all the fans that supported you?

Yveltal: First of all, thank you to all the fans. Thank you for those who couldn't join us. You guys stayed up late and we appreciate it. We put up a good fight and we came out to impress. We hope that you all continue to support us in the future.

(To Coach RUI) When other teams threw out the Bastion comps, there was a struggle to adapt to it. What could you have done to adjust?

RUI: It's a matter of experience. We don't have much experience with these Bastion comps, especially on Dorado. We didn't have much practice for it. 

(To Coach RUI and guxue) What was the biggest takeaway that you got from this year's World Cup?

RUI: A little disappointed we got silver again. It's a little uncomfortable.

guxue: It's disappointing, but every year, we've been performing better. I think we can get the gold.

Are there any players in this World Cup that you can see in the Overwatch League one day?

Elsa: Vizility from the Netherlands

This wasn't the result you were hoping but it was still a good day for Chinese esports. Particularly, your silver medal and the gold in Hearthstone. Can you comment on the day overall here at BlizzCon including your involvement on the betterment on Chinese esports?

Kyo: We're hoping that Team China will do better next year. Not just win silver, but the championship overall.

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