[Worlds 2019: Press Conference] SKT kkOma: "I know that our players are individually much better than G2, so it feels really bad to lose. I feel like the biggest reason why we lost is me."

On the 3rd, the second semifinal match of the 2019 LoL World Championship between SK Telecom T1 and G2 Esports was held at the Palacio Visalegre, in Madrid, Spain. In this MSI rematch between the two titans, SKT lost to G2 with a set score of 1:3. After the match, SKT joined the media room for a press conference.


From the left: Khan, Mata, Faker, Clid, Teddy, and Effort.

(To Mata) Please give us your thoughts on today’s match.


Mata: I felt like G2 had better team synergy than us. G2 also made a lot of mistakes, but while they recovered well from their mistakes, we made a lot of mistakes when we were ahead. That difference is why we lost today.

(To Faker) You’ve always been calm, but it seemed like you were extra nervous today. How do you rate your mental state in today’s series?


Faker: It was the same as always. However, there were moments where I could’ve played better, but the fact that I couldn’t capitalize on those moments is what I regret the most.

(To Teddy) Why did you let Perkz have his most picked champion, Xayah, in game 1 and 3?


Teddy: I thought I’d be able to beat Xayah with Kai’sa. Although we lost in the end, I still feel that it was the right choice.

(To Clid) How would you rate your play in this series? Also, is there something you’d like to say to Doinb, who is your former teammate and now faces G2 in the finals?


Clid: I wasn’t nervous, but I did not play well this series. Doinb always plays well, no matter what the situation is, so I know that he’ll do well in the finals.

Who do you think will perform better at the finals, Tian or Jankos?


Clid: That’s not up to me to evaluate. It all comes down to who works better in-game with their teammates.

(To Faker) You’ve lost to G2 in the most critical moments. Do you now consider them to be your rivals?


Faker: They’ve now become a team that I definitely want to beat. Next time, I will make sure to beat them.

(To Effort) This was your first major international tournament. How was it?


Effort: It was my first Worlds appearance, but I played without getting too nervous. However, it really feels bad that our teamplay wasn’t as good as it usually is.

(To Teddy) How do you rate G2’s Perkz-Mikyx bot duo’s performance today?


Teddy: G2’s bot lane is really good, but I don’t think they’re the best in the world. They have really good teamwork.

(To kkOma) How would you rate your tenure at this year’s Worlds?


kkOma: I know that our players are individually much better than G2, so it feels really bad to lose. I feel like the biggest reason why we lost is me, so I want to tell them that they’ve done great work, and that I’m really sorry.

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    level 1 Joshua_Koid

    Skt will come back stronger next year always supporting and always my favourite team

  • 0

    level 1 straightedge202

    Did not watch the match, waited until the results were over... and now that they are, couldn't bring myself to watch them...

    But SKT is still my team. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Coach kkOma fighting!

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    level 1 LuciferZ

    It was so sad to watch SKT play like this. They didn't show the usual confidence they usually have which stems from the inexperience of many of their players, being their first time on the world's stage, but next year, they'll definitely come back stronger than ever. GO SKT!

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