[Worlds 2019] G2 Caps: "I promised my team that if they carry this today, then I'll take care of next week... I'm going to send FPX back home."

G2 Esports defeated SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals of the 2019 LoL World Championship and set sail for the finals in Paris. If G2 defeats FunPlus Phoenix, they will be the first team ever to achieve the grand slam in LoL esports history. After the match, an extremely excited Rasmus “Caps” Winther joined Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere for an interview.


▲ Image source: Riot Games

Tell me what was going through your mind when you killed that final Nexus and what it means to go to your second straight World Finals after beating SKT.


Today was just crazy honestly. I think especially with the last game, we were so far behind. We were really trying to take one kill at a time to get our way back. We've managed to get it in the end when we got the quadra-kill on Yasuo and TP'ed into the base... Yeah, I'm just happy (Laughs).

I hope you can hear me. I'm glad you brought it up because those games were so incredibly close. It seemed many times you guys had to find your way back. Tell us about the pressure in these games. 


I think SKT looked really strong. So we were really nervous. Obviously, we've played against them before. And obviously, playing against Faker always a bit nervous for me. We just wanted to try our best and we managed to win it in the end so (Laughs).

Now Caps, last year, you were in a similar position. You also fought your way all the way to the finals. Unfortunately for you and for Fnatic back then, it was a disappointing fight versus IG. How different are you coming into these World finals and how poised are you to take home the Summoner's Cup on home soil.


So we have one week of Worlds left, and we're just gonna try our best. I was like a bit sick this week, so I promised my team that if they carry this today, then I'll take care of next week. So I'm just going to show up and I'm going to send FunPlus Phoenix back home.

Caps, final words. I'm going to give you the opportunity to talk to the crowd. Who were very loud once again. Perkz said last week, when here's so loud, it's hard to concentrate. But what can you tell them and how can you thank them for their support?


Honestly, I've played in Madrid three times now, and the crowd is always crazy. Paris has a big big step to go to compete against you guys. Thank you guys so much!

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