[BlizzCon 2019] Blizzard announces Diablo IV at Blizzcon, including both cinematic and gameplay trailer

▲ Image captured from Cinematic Trailer

Finally, after over seven years of waiting, fans can look forward to a new installment of Blizzard's Hack 'n Slash, the Diablo series
With Diablo III releasing back in early 2012, it's about time the adventure continued with Diablo IV. Blizzard released both a cinematic and gameplay trailer, so fans can get a look at the story as well as see bits of how the game will look and feel as a player. 

There are only three classes announced so  far - the sorceress, barbarian, and druid - but there are two more to be announced later as the unknown release date approaches. Until then, you can watch the gameplay trailer to experience some of the new engine that creating a game in 2019 provides over creating a game in 2012. 

The skills and movement look pretty familiar, but it's exceptionally smooth. 


Here are the descriptions of the classes that they explained later on in the event. 

Barbarian: The embodiment of visceral, brutal combat. They will have four weapon slots and be able to use both one-handed and two handed in the same build. Depending on what skills you use, your barbarian will automatically pull out that weapon he/she needs, so combat will continue to be seamless on the battlefield. 

Druid: We took the fire magic [from past Diablo Druid classes] that didnt feel like it met the fantasy of someone so in tune with Nature, and we replaced it with storm magic and earth magic. We kept his nature companions - the wolves, the ravens, the vines, all of that. The special sauce is he has always been a master shapeshifter, but now we have something we call seamless shapeshifting. Now you can start an attack in one form and mid swing you will transfer into the another form.

Sorceress: She is elemental carnage on the battlefield. She is an unstoppable wrecking machine wading through the forest of monsters with elemental magic. You feel like a dungeon boss with a sorceress, she has control over the battelfield with her abilities - like blizzard and firewall. 


Here are some of the announced monsters so far!

The Fallen: This Diablo staple returns, these are the lowest of low creatures, who take in the cruelty of other monsters and reflect that cruelty back on the players whom they're trying to kill. They look miserable, and they really are!

The Drowned: This is a new class of undead (pictured below) that comes from the ocean with "ancient maritime curses." They fight as a family unit and play off of each other to level up their fighting capabilities. 


We don't know much more about the game, other than you can expect it to be dark and twisted, and feel better than ever before. All we can hope is it releases faster than the mobile version they announced last year that is still yet to be seen. 

However, they said this isn't "coming out soon, not even Blizzard soon." So you can expect a late 2020 release or even 2021 release. 

▲ Image captured from Cinematic Trailer

Check back here for more Blizzcon updates and on our Twitter for live video coverage as the event goes on. 

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