Riot has given customized Teamfight Tactics sneakers to the Rise of the Elements Invitational players, and they're all we want now

Oct 30, 2019

Today, sixteen of the most popular Teamfight Tactics personalities enter the Rise of the Elements Invitational tournament. The two-day event, held to celebrate the autobattler's impending roster overhaul, sees the competitors battle it out for the lion's share of an over $150,000 prize pool.

To commemmorate the occasion and as an extra "thank you", Riot has given all the players customized Teamfight Tactics-themed Nike Air sneakers.




Aside from the shoes bearing the name of their owners, they are marked with the new elements and colored after them. Take a look at the others below!




















It seems like the shoes come right in time for DisguisedToast, who had some trouble finding the right apparel for the event.




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