Saturday Night Live Explains LoL Esports and it's Actually Hilarious

"When they asked me to cover the League of Legends tournament I assumed it was a basketball game with NBA legends..."

We can't deny esports is becoming more mainstream by the day. The biggest proof of that is when the big names of comedy start to make skits based on the biggest esports leagues.

League of Legends World Championship was Saturday Night Live's opening skit this weekend, with Chance the Rapper playing the part of a sports reporter that ended up covering the tournament for the first time. No need to say he was as confused as our parents watching LoL esports:


The skit made its way around the esports community pretty quickly:

"I am here with...Turn around...Yeah I'm not gonna say that..."
"How are you gonna win that League of Legos today?"



In Stop-Motion


Earlier this month, Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, featured an Overwatch League skit: "The Nerd Plays Overwatch". The stereotypical nerd character joins OWL - and is interviewed by ESPN Esports right after the game. 

"I'm not a nerd! I quit basketball because Stanford gave me an Overwatch scholarship!"

Robot Chicken brushes up on how esports are often perceived as a "nerdy", but in reality a lot of the players stray from the classic tropes, presenting themselves as sports stars. 





Fun fact: The Nerd is technically 26 years old, which four years above the average age of Overwatch League players. Mainstream media still have long ways to go before portraying the scene accurately -if that's even what they are going for.  ;)

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