[Worlds 2019] G2 Caps on the Rematch vs SKT: "SKT has improved a lot since MSI. I’m... hoping for a narrow victory over SKT, as I know that series will be a close one."

On the 26th, G2 Esports took down DAMWON Gaming in the fourth quarterfinal match of the 2019 LoL World Championship. As the final hope of EU, they now face the final hope of KR, SK Telecom T1, in a rematch of the MSI semifinals.


G2’s Mid laner, Rasmus ‘CapsWinther, joined Jeesun Park in the official LCK broadcast for the post-match interview to share his thoughts about the victory. 

Image Source: Official LCK Broadcast

Congratulations on your victory! As the final hope of EU, how do you feel about your victory today vs DAMWON?


I feel really happy. I was really nervous before the match, and I’m really happy that I was able to put on a good performance.

A lot of people were saying that DAMWON tends to play around their upper lanes, because they’re really strong. However, throughout the tournament, their Bot lane also stepped up their game. Overall, how did it feel to face this team?


We were really nervous to face DAMWON because they were the team that gave us the hardest time in scrims, so we really wanted to beat them to get revenge and prove ourselves. We’d always lose against them, so we tried our hardest today.

There was a lot of mind games in draft, especially towards Xayah and Kai’sa. Also, it seemed that your team really preferred to play on the Blue side. What was the main focus in your team composition and in your drafts?


They actually had initial side selection, and we just stayed on the Blue side because we won the first game. Obviously, Xayah and Kai’sa are really strong ADC champions, so priority on one of the two strong champions was really important.

You’ve faced ShowMaker in this match, and now you face Faker in the semifinals. Korean fans compare such a trend to beating the video game bosses in stages. What’s more important is that it’s the rematch from the MSI semifinals. What’s your mindset, heading into this rematch?


It’s going to be a very interesting series. Obviously, Faker’s my favorite Mid laner of all time, and obviously, SKT has improved a lot since MSI. I’m excited to see how much we also improved, and am hoping for a narrow victory over SKT, as I know that series will be a close one.

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