[Worlds 2019] G2 vs DAMWON KR Reactions: King Claps and Nuguri without Klepto!

[Before the match]

EU fans cheering loudly for G2

EU fans are excited! 

ㄴ That’s a very one-sided crowd

ㄴ Players are going to get nervous

ㄴ That announcer guy introducing the players is hilarious LOL

     ㄴ He’s really into it haha

Perkz: It’s actually kinda sad knowing LCK can’t get to the final anymore.


[Game 1, Post Draft]

Klepto Jayce vs Klepto Kayle

ㄴ Battle of the Kleptos? Is this real life?

ㄴ Klepto mirror match LOL

ㄴ The two Scrim-dor’s battle of the geniuses!

A Dance Party Before the Match

ㄴ Make some noise!

ㄴ Kai’sa wins 

    ㄴ Is Rakan cheating on Xayah?

That speed!

ㄴ So fast LOL 

ㄴ LOL WTF is up with that speed?


[G2’s Top Laner Gets Ahead]

Damn, G2’s cruel!

ㄴ Nuguri had to back. It was an insane strategy to set Nuguri behind

ㄴ Kayles way too far behind

ㄴ They even had Mountain Drake stolen… Hmm...


[Nuguri Avoids a Close One]


ㄴ King-uri!!!

ㄴ He didn’t stop his recall?

ㄴ The gods are with him

ㄴ His life’s a gamble hahaha

ㄴ Why are people talking shit about Sword haha

You again, Showmaker? 

ㄴ If only he lived there... 

ㄴ How did they go even in this fight? 

ㄴ Damn, that was a good teamfight

ㄴ Both teams are amazing at teamfighting 

Wow, G2 has no weaknesses! Both their macro and their teamfighting are amazing 

ㄴ LOL why did they suck shit in the group stages?

ㄴ How did Fnatic go neck to neck against G2 LOL?

ㄴ LEC’s G2’s on another level.

ㄴ Damn they’re not giving up any room for mistakes.


Wunder stopped playing WoW

ㄴ He’s really scary

ㄴ He got so much better after he quit WoW

ㄴ I think he’s been restricted from his monthly payment.

????: You’re a cruel man, TheShy...

You said Kayle’s good against Jayce!

ㄴ Have you been conned as well, Nuguri?

ㄴ Kayle’s good because it was TheShy playing her

[Game 2 Starts]

Why does G2 have such a massive champion pool?

ㄴ Is it the first time that ShowMaker’s playing Ryze? Why don’t I remember...

ㄴ If they go even in lane, DAMWON’s definitely going to win

   ㄴ Kennen needs to not die and scale

ㄴ I hope G2 wins 

He shouldn’t have been hit by that Cocoon

Nuguri’s mental!

What is Nuguri doing?

ㄴ DAMWON’s screwed. Even their Bot lane is losing

ㄴ This is DAMWON’s specialty in Bo5s

ㄴ G2’s really clean lol. The snowball from their upper lanes is insane

Who Did You Say the Best Mid Laner was, LCK??

This punk’s been hiding such a massive power in groups

King Claps is ready to decimate DAMWON

ㄴ King Claps

ㄴ King Claps

ㄴ King Claps




How did he predict that?

ㄴ How did Leona dodge that?

ㄴ BeryL’s reaction time is insane

ㄴ Wow, how did Wunder know Leona was there?

Nuclear’s been hiding his battle power

ㄴ Our boy Nuclear’s insane!
ㄴ Korea’s a country with Nuclear Power

ㄴ We gotta tell them North and South for the Western fans


Perkz just really wants to play Mid.

The current situation for the two teams 

DAMWON: Shit, you said Wunder was their weakest link 

G2 : Shit, you said Bot lane was their weakest link. 

DAMWON back in the day

DAMWON in this game


G2 was really bored, so they finished the game on their own

ㄴ G2 looks so cool, even in defeat haha

Of course, G2’s Twitter game has insane mental

ㄴ 40 mins later: We’re just keeping with the 3-2 scoreline trend

???: Let’s start the meeting...

Wait, Nuclear’s not here yet..

[Game 3]

Showmaker washing his eyes after watching G2


They stole Kai’sa from DAMWON

ㄴ That means Yasuo’s coming

ㄴ Of course, it’s the Yasuo-Gragas combo

If we’ve just been ‘DAMWON’...

We’re ‘NOWMAD’!!

Wunder picked an undead champion. No wonder they’re called the ‘WoW Classic’ team

ㄴ Is Wunder a Horde?

ㄴ When he was playing WoW at the venue, he was actually just practicing Yorick haha

Really? A 3-min dive? G2’s amazing.

ㄴ This is slower than the Tottenham match happening right now. 

DAMWON in game 2

DAMWON in game 3

If DAMWON wins, EU fans are going to MALD...

ㄴ I was annoyed at how yesterday was a day for the LPL, but if EU gets knocked out of the tournament…


G2’s a very unpredictable team…

They can lose to Phong Vu Buffalos, but beat SKT 

They lost to Griffin but beat DAMWON...


Nuclear can’t do anything without Kai’sa

ㄴ Nuclear’s in agony after losing his girlfriend

ㄴ G2 successfully neutralized Korea’s Nuclear power

[Game 4]

Nuguri gave up Klepto!

ㄴ And… Nuguri’s dead again

ㄴ G2’s really good at setting up dives

ㄴ SKT’s LCK’s final hope

Top Lane has Become a Buffet

Is Top lane a buffet? 

ㄴ Is it true that you get gold at this restaurant?


Perkz smiling after predicting Taliyah’s W

LOL how did he dodge that??


ㄴ That laughter though

ㄴ Isn’t it amazing to see EU players laugh like that?

Jankos Never Dies

Kai’sa: What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

ㄴ What’s Nuclear doing? He has flash!

ㄴ That dumbass froze right there lol 

    ㄴ His Flash was on cooldown… 

    ㄴ He’s innocent….


[G2 wins the series 3-1]

G2’s Tweet After the Victory

Why are these guys so happy go lucky?

ㄴ The game was fun to watch…

A Summary of This Year’s Worlds Semifinals...

The defending champions vs LPL’s 1st seed (Battle of the LPL), LCK’s 1st seed, vs LEC’s 1st seed (MSI rematch)

ㄴ The Mid lane talent is stacked for the semis

   ㄴ Faker, Caps, Doinb, and Rookie...

   ㄴ Wait, why are there 3 Koreans?

   ㄴ ???????


SKT’s on Fire

IG stole the championship trophy

A revenge match vs G2

FPX is just another Chinese team

Rage level at 200%

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