[Worlds 2019: SKT vs SPY] KR Reactions: "Just another Faker fan meet at mid lane."

SK Telecom T1 vs Splyce

Game 1

Today’s the day the ‘real’ Korean teams play.
ㄴ SKT!!! DWG!!! TSM!!!!!

Did you see this? These are the odds for today’s game.

ㄴ It’s a chance to earn 20 grand with just 100 bucks.


If SKT loses today, today will be a legendary day on so many levels...

ㄴ Wanna earn 20 grand?


Splyce guys are so cute bahaha

ㄴ Aside from their prowess, this is exactly the reason you can’t hate western teams

ㄴㄴ What about G2...?

After watching Splyce’s fusion, Faker starts to think seriously...

‘...How should I appear at this finals?’


Look at LCK analysts’ predictions...

ㄴ There’s not even a 3-1 prediction...

Wow… Effort’s really good...

ㄴ Mata, just go and get ready to wash the dishes

ㄴㄴ Mata just went to buy detergent LOL


“Hey, wanna do the dishes with me?”


Yeah… Game 1 ended really easily… Not much fun...

ㄴ Now SKT only needs to ban Blitzcrtank?

???: Kobbe… Don’t be too depressed.

It’s natural for an ADC to lose with no deaths.

Game 2


Kelpto Fiora lul

ㄴ Whatever anybody says, the biggest issue at this Worlds is Kelpto.

Khan is just laid back, enjoying solo queue.

ㄴ Riiiight… Khan at international tournaments.

ㄴ And buying a Cull after that… He’s just nuts.

ㄴㄴ Installment savings Fiora lmao


???: Khan, you’re awful… You made Klepto a joke...

Watching Khan today is curing the cancer I got from watching Sword yesterday.

ㄴ What?? Not with that Fiora...

ㄴㄴ The cancer cells got cancer and died so I’m cured.

Splyce is just trying so hard to kill Faker

ㄴ Even if they lose, they get to brag, ‘I once killed Faker’

ㄴ Just another Faker fan meet at mid lane


???: Hey, stop smiling.



ㄴ They’re taking turns carrying.

ㄴ Is it real he bought Mejai’s? Library now open.

ㄴ People who criticize Faker that he got carried… What that actually means that all the other players’ conditions are insane right now.

???: Wow… Fiora… and Lucian...

"Coach… You didn’t let ME do that..."



Poppy ending...

ㄴ Still looks like f**k

ㄴ Feel so sorry...

Game 3


Mata incoming!

ㄴ I guess he didn’t want to wash the dishes


???: kkOma!! Me too!!!

ㄴ If Haru plays, that means Clid is benched.

ㄴㄴ Oh… That wouldn’t happen…


???: Clid’s recent form isn’t that good, right?

They should play Haru to change the atmosphere. *Rapidly types on keyboard*

???: Wow… Mata… I’m jealous...

"I wanna play a game too..."


The most pitiful team at the moment…

That Splyce got to quarters… RNG was eliminated after going so close against that SKT.


Mata is wearing his own skin lul

ㄴ 14 Samsung White Mata…

ㄴ He must have really looked forward to this moment to really use that skin.


As soon as Mata’s playing, the game is getting harder lmao

ㄴ Mata in danger of retirement

ㄴ Mata: Guys, stop playing hidden camera on me… T_T This is no fun...


Mata: Now… Up to now was hidden camera, right? Let's go guys… Be good. If you do that again, it’s really no fun.



???: NOOOO!!!! I CAN’T RETIRE YET!!!!!!!


???: Bro… This is the era we’re living in.


*Misses last hit*

Game 4


LOL Effort is on stage again.



Clid is playing like his life is at stake.

ㄴ He’s saying “Not Haru!!”

Do you think maybe Group C was the weakest?

ㄴ And the actual group of death might have been IG’s group like last year...

ㄴ Now I can’t really tell if SKT is playing bad or SPY is doing well...

ㄴㄴ I think they’re already ahead of Fnatic.

???: Huh…? Was it all a dream???

“Is it all over again if I die??”


Game 4 Summary:

ㄴ Quinn picking on Renketon haha

ㄴ How do you find these? LOL


I didn’t include him pounding on the croc the whole time because it was too cruel...

ㄴ Who ever thought that he would kill Kai’Sa there...

ㄴㄴ Kai’Sa probably never thought that she would die there either.

ㄴ It’s amazing he dodged that Syndra q with his Flash.

Khan’s expression at the end explains all…

“Today was extremely fun. I’m very happy.”

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