[Worlds 2019] IG TheShy on Semifinals: "Because of our relationship with Fnatic last year, I hope Fnatic makes it to the semifinals."

On the 26th, Invictus Gaming took down Griffin in the first quarterfinal match of the 2019 LoL World Championship. Despite a pentakill by Griffin’s Bot laner, Viper, in game 3, IG took down Griffin 3-1 . 


IG’s Top laner , Kang 'TheShy' Seung-lok, joined Sjokz and Jeesun Park in the official Riot Games English broadcast for the post-match interview to share his thoughts about the victory. 




Congratulations on making it to the semifinals! It was a tough match against Griffin, so what was the key in taking down Griffin today?


Well, I didn’t really think about a special strategy against Griffin, but I believed in my own abilities and also in my teammates to perform well, so I knew that as long as I played well, we’d win.

It seemed that there needed to be adaptation in game 3. A pentakill is something that can really affect your mentality, so what adaptation did you make to close out the series in game 4?


The pentakill didn’t really affect me, as it’s quite common for the Bot laner to get it. When it happened, it reminded me of how we stole JackeyLove’s penta, and I felt sorry about it.

You’ve been named the best Top laner for two years straight. How would you rate yourself out of a 100?


I think I’m playing pretty average. It depends on my condition on game day, and the environment that I’m in motivates me to play better.

As a defending world champion, do you feel pressured at all to play at Worlds?


It’s a huge honor to be called the defending champions, and the title just makes everything more fun.

Can I get a quick prediction on the FPX vs Fnatic series that’s coming up next?


Although I should cheer for the Chinese team, because of our relationship with Fnatic last year, I hope Fnatic makes it to the semifinals.

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