'Black Survival: Eternal Return' Character Breakdown - Backstory, Playstyle, Strategy & more

Black Survival: Eternal Return, the 3D followup of the hit survival battle royale-MOBA hybrid Black Survival, will be available to gamers on January 31, 2020. However, in recent months, three alpha sessions have given players limited opportunity for public access to the game in its final stages of development and try out the six available characters the game has shown thus far. Let's take a look at the six known characters that will be playable in Black Survival: Eternal Return.

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Jackie, also known as "Jackie Quilt" or simply "Quilt", is a serial killer from the U.K. Jackie, whose signature weapon is a chainsaw, got her nickname from her visceral killings. Jackie would carve up her victims meticulously until the pieces were so small, you'd have to put them together like a quilt to even identify the victim. 

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Jackie's strengths and playstyle fall right in line with her insatiable bloodlust, possessing high levels of damage and stat buffs in her kit to maximize her windows of aggression. However, Jackie's lack of range and lack of defensive utility make her best in skirmish-heavy situations. Jackie players should go all on the offensive and pick their spots against the right types of opponents early on to avoid being exploited. With a character like Jackie, playing heavily to one's strengths is crucial for success.


Aya Suzuki became a police officer in Japan for one reason: her longing for justice. However, she has had doubts about her career choice since her family's involvement in a murder case. Around this time, Aya's longing for justice grew into an obsession. 

Aya is repulsed by the slight of corpses, which makes her line of work quite the ordeal on a given day. This phobia of the macabre could be related to her brother, Hikaru, who lost both his legs. 

Aya's range is her greatest strength, but that range is offset by her extreme vulnerability up close. Aya players should look farm up early and keep an eye out for low-health targets to prey upon opportunistically as they continue to scale up and acquire heavier artillery for optimal combat effectiveness in the late game.


At first glance, it would be easy to chalk up Fiora's outstanding fencing ability to her privileged upbringing. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Fiora took up fencing in defiance of her father's narrowminded views on the female gender.

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Fiora's proficiency in fencing comes from her burning desire for her father to acknowledge his wrongs in the face of her craft of rebellion.In general, Fiora desires recognition from those she deems stronger than or superior to her, but also is very protective of those she deems weaker than her. The Italian fencer was a good student, especially in mathematics, though it is unclear if that's contirbuted to her adept level of fencing ability.

Fiora's stats, scaling, and kit make her the perfect duelist. She can use a variety of swords and her 'Contre-Attaqe' ability's reduction of incoming damage while simultaneously converting stamina into more damage gives her ideal windows for 1v1 fighting. If Fiora players get the jump on someone unawares, it's going to be extremely difficult for them to recover enough to fight back against her.


For Jang Hyun-woo, existence is an emotionless, meaningless void. Hyun-woo's all-consuming emptiness has eclipsed any potential for hopes and dreams, as exemplified by the Korean high school student's desire to 'buy a lottery ticket' as his first act of adulthood. Hyun-woo turned to dangerous and reckless activity to try and feel something, primarily fighting and riding a motorcycle, but his emptiness continues to grow regardless of his efforts. 

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Hyun-woo's fiery red resolve and scarlet hair exemplify the numb rage under the surface of the 17-year old, and his play-style reflects that as well. Whereas most characters in BS:ER prefer weapons, Hyun-woo fights with his bare hands, only utilizing gloves and the occcasional gauntlet to increase his damage potential. 

Hyun-woo is a brawler in approach and at heart; his style of battle most resembling a berserker despite his lithe form. Hyun-woo thrives in chaos - the more people in battle at once, the more resourceful and dynamic Hyun-woo's strategic advantages become. The fluidity of his abilities and nimble movements of his kit more than compensate for unconventional combat style.


Magnus is the leader of LATHAM, a famous motorcycle gang in the United States that often got into street fights due to their notoriety. As a member of LATHAM, Magnus rose through the ranks due to never losing a fight; no matter how many people fought against the titanic man, he always managed to come out on top. Magnus enjoys aggravating others for his own amusement, especially those who challenge him to combat, and takes pride in his enormous strength.

To borrow a term from the MOBA genre, Magnus is the closest character yet seen for Black Survival: Eternal Return to resemble a Tank. He boasts the best defensive stats and capabilities, of the revealed roster, and his enormous size lends itself to quite a bit of strength in the offense department, too. However, goliath girth comes with the drawback of low speed, and while Magnus base stamina is high, the scaling leaves much to be desired when compared to other relative scaling.

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Of all the wild origin stories that pre-date the Black Survival saga, Nadine's might be the most bizarre. At age 4, Nadine was the only survivor of a landslide accident that occured due to a heavy rain. Both of her parents were dead, as was everyone else in the accident, so Nadine was declared dead as well. However, Nadine was rescued and by wild animals and for the next eight years, was raised by them.

Nadine was given the opportunity to start a new, fully-human life after being discovered by a hunter at age 12, but has had trouble adjusting to society since her re-integration. She hesitates before even the simplest of tasks, which is not made easier by her analysis paralysis and her claustrophobia incurred from being buried under rubble. Nadine keeps all of this below a calm surface of cynicism. 

The Indonesian hunter gains stacks from all wild animals killed in-game, and can reveal the living wild animals on the map. Because of this, Nadine is similar to  Aya, but more geared towards players  those who want to play the slow and steady early game and farm up into the later game phases.

▲ Image Source: Nimble Neuron

Black Survival's most recent alpha test featured six characters, but also, four blank spaces which implies at least ten characters will be available upon the game's January 2020 relase.  This could also point towards the possibility of far more Black Survival characters being added to Eternal Return.

However, Nimble Neuron plans to have one more Alpha phase before Black Survival: Eternal Return's release, which may give an opportunity to see other new players brought to the island of Lumia before the game comes out next year.

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