Teamfight Tactics development team wants the community to hold them accountable

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▲ Lux is coming to Teamfight Tactics in Set 2.


Ever since Riot Games released Teamfight Tactics over three months ago, the development team has been learning, growing, and listening to the community for feedback. It hasn't always been seamless and mistakes have been made along the way. But they're willing to acknowledge that and work towards improving the game that countless fans enjoy around the world.


On Tuesday morning, Stephen Mortimer, the title's Principal Game Designer, released a blog post on League of Legend's official site titled "/DEV: TFT SET 1 LEARNINGS" that outlined just that: What the team has learned in the first few months since the game went live.


The full blog post can be found here.


For those of you that are looking for a quick TL;DR, Mortimer provided a summary at the beginning of the post -- how convenient.


- We want to keep random effects in positive and controlled spaces.

- You can hold us accountable to higher standards of balance so that a wider variety of comps can win in any given patch.

- We’re aiming for less frustrating and fewer overall disables.

- We’re going to have more soft counters than hard counters, especially between traits.

- Rate of change was overall a bit high, so expect B-patches to only be used to nerf strong outliers.

- Bugs are bad, and we’re going to take more time to make sure we deliver a game with less issues.

- We want getting 4th place or higher to always feel like a win, so we’re changing it so you always earn LP for a top-half finish.



Within the blog post, Mortimer made it clear that the development team went through a bit of a learning curve to get the meta, champion balance, and patch cadence down pat. Whether it be the level of randomness within the game, how to create soft vs. hard counters to certain items and units, and what makes "fun" gameplay, all had unique challenges that the team will use to make Set 2 the best yet.


At the end of each section of the blog, Mortimer made a declaration on how the team will handle certain design decisions going forward and asked that the community keep them to their word. An example being:


"So in Set 2, hold us to an even higher standard for balancing the game so that a wider variety of comps can win in a given patch."

The games' community rarely shys away from making their opinions known, for better or for worse, so the development team asking to be held accountable for their actions suggests that they are striving to make the best game possible not only for the players but themselves.


Set 2 of Teamfight Tactics titled "Rise of the Elements" is expected to launch in two weeks on November 5 and the development team is looking to show off what they've learned in the last few months.

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