New Teamfight Tactics Champions, Classes, Elements, and mechanics revealed!

The first Seasonal Set of Teamfight Tactics begins tomorrow, Oct. 22nd! And streamers and personalities have begun releasing new champions and mechanics for the mode's big launch. We mentioned a few earlier, but more and more information keeps coming out, and with 51 new champs, there's a lot more still to come.

It's a bit hard to keep track of - with news being dropped all over Twitter in multiple languages - so we will try and consolidate some of it for you here!

Riot has been working alongside streamers a lot more recently, so be sure to keep your eyes open for who is releasing information and dropping game keys and cosmetics.

Twitter Drops and Elements

During the Riot Pls announcement last week, Riot announced the Rise of the Elements. While the Summoner's Rift will receive big dragon changes/buffs, Teamfight Tactics may have it's own dragons as well! But more on that later, let's talk about the new champions! 

The Origin trait, however, has been changed to Element. These champs aren't from Poison, their Element is Poison! Each game will also have its own assigned element as well, from Ocean, Infernal, Mountain, and Cloud. There is only one per game, and it determines special hexes and the Qiyana Element, explained below.

Thresh, Nautilus, and Nami join as part of the Ocean Element, with Thresh and Nautilus being Warden Class, and Nami being a Mystic. 


There are a couple more announced with the Ocean Element, Mages Syndra and Vladimir. Also, Veigar joins them in the Mage class and gets a new Element, Shadow, as well. 


Nasus, Taric, and Braum will join the Warden Class next to Thresh and Nautilus. Nasus is a Light Element, and Taric is a Crystal Element, I wonder what they may be!


Two Poison Element champs are revealed as well, Twitch and Singed. With three Poison Elements needed for the trait activation, who will be the third? Teemo? Cassiopeia? Only time will tell!

There is a new Class with them as well, Alchemist. Though it's likely this will be Singed specific; he will ignore unit collision and never stop moving. I hope the pieces will know to follow the one rule! Don't chase Singed!


Rise of the Elements is also changing up some of our Assassins. Kha'Zix becomes a Desert Element Assassin and Zed becomes Electric, also gaining the Master Class. Both significantly raise in cost as well! LeBlanc joins as a Woodland Assassin/Mage. 



Annie, Zyra, and Azir join the Master Class with Zed, Annie and Zyra with the Infernal Element, and Azir With Desert. Diana and Kindred are also new members of the Infernal Element. Kindred is also a Shadow Element (still a ranger), and Diana is an Assassin.



And the last few who have been announced... Renekton, and Mundo join as Bersekers. Renekton is a Desert Element, Mundo is Poison. 

Nocturne joins with them as a Steel Element Assassin.




Thresh, Nautilus, Nami, Syndra, Vladimir, Nasus, Taric, Leblanc, Singed, Mundo, Annie, Zyra, Diana, Renekton, and Twitch have all been shown so far. There are others confirmed with Elemental updates - Zed, Kha'Zix, and Veigar. 

Scarra also confirmed in his stream that Qiyana has joined as well, and will have a variable Element that will coincide with the Element of each game. (More explained in the mechanic section below).


Here is the Periodic Table of TFT Elements, or at least what is known so far. The parenthesis is how many champs to activate the trait.

Ocean (2, 4, 6)

The Ocean trait will provide Mana per second to all allies. Might be interesting to pair with a TF and his trusty blue card!

Steel (2, 3, 4)

Steel elements will be invulnerable to damage for a couple seconds after dropping below 50% HP. 

Woodland (3)

A random Woodland champ will clone themselves at the beginning of each round! 

Poison (3)

Poison champs will add a neurotoxin to their opponent which will increase the required mana for them to use their spells.

Desert (2, 4)

Desert champs will recieve armor penetration, from 50% to 90% apparently.


I have been unable to find more detailed information in a language I can read on Shadow, Light, Crystal, Electric, and Infernal. Check back soon for updates!


Here are the classes! And again, parenthesis shows how many champs are required for the trait activation.

Mages (3, 6)

Mages will have a chance (50%,100%) to double cast their spell. 

Wardens (2, 4, 6)

Wardens will receive a bunch of extra armor if you stack them, becoming big tanks for your team. Also, there's a new item! Combining the Spatula and Chainmail will make the Warden's Mail, making that champion a Warden. Now you can have a tanky carry!

Berserkers (3, 6)

Berserkers will jump to the enemy a short distance and gives a chance to cleave for AoE damage. 

Masters (3, 6)

Masters gain HP before combat, 40% and 100%! Also, the summoned units from these champs will persist on the board longer. 


New Mechanic!

Former LoL pro and current full time TFT streamer, William "scarra" Li, revealed one of the major new game mechanics on his stream.  There will be Elemental Hexes that give small buffs to the champions on them. They will persist throughout the game, and they will be identical for everyone.

Each hex has its own buff. Cloud gives 30% Dodge chance, Ocean provides 30 mana on start, Infernal gives 30% attack speed, and Mountain gives 30 permanent HP (lasts rest of game). They do take up an item slot though, so make sure to keep your carries at two max if you want to utilize these buffs.


Study up! Teamfight Tactics updates tomorrow, don't fall behind! Which champs are you most excited about? And which Elements and Classes? Let us know below! 

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