[Cartoon] Worlds 2019 Group Stages Come to an End, Riot’s 10th Anniversary, and Griffin… A Noisy 2nd Week of October.

Today’s cartoon is all about the different stories in the LoL scene from the past week.


First, Griffin, SKT, and DAMWON have all advanced to the quarterfinals as 1st seed of their respective groups. Despite having a failed year as a region, all three LCK teams have advanced to the quarterfinals as the 1st seed of their groups, and now have the opportunity to prove themselves to be the best in the world. Also, as the 1st region to win Worlds, EU had G2, Splyce, and Fnatic advanced into the quarterfinals and are in celebration mode. On the other hand, RNG, a team that’s considered LPL’s hometown heroes, have failed to make it into the quarterfinals, and all three LCS teams, C9, CG, and TL, have been shut down in the group stages and were sent back home. Unlike European fans, who are in celebration mode, for LCS fans, it was a very sad week.


Apart from Worlds, Riot Games recently held their 10th anniversary event, which was much more grand than many have expected. It was a day where Riot truly embraced the plural aspect of their name, Riot Game‘s’. Not only did they announce a ton of in-game gifts to all the users, they’ve also announced a variety of projects they’ve been working on, which is a card game, a manager game, an RPG, a fighting game, and an FPS. While those games still seemed to need a lot of time before they’re ready to be released to the public, it was a day where many became very curious about the future of Riot Games. Which of the new title are you most excited about?


However, this week wasn’t all fun and excitement. After watching some of the interviews that the players from Griffin have done, the team’s former Head Coach, Kim ‘cvMax’ Dae-ho, has revealed the shady aspects of Griffin and their parent company, Still8’s operation, which brought forth much outrage within the LoL community. Not only did he bring light to the mistreatment issue toward the players, he also revealed that there’s been tampering with a player as well. As this is an issue that involves many different personnel, it’s currently an issue that’s become a giant ball of mess. While the majority of the community have sent their support towards cvMax for putting such issues into light, some have expressed different opinions. The community are anxiously waiting for Riot Korea and KeSPA to officially reveal the wrongdoings through their investigation, and while these issues do not look to die so easily, it seems that the fans are keen to see this issue through the end.


While the second week of October was jam packed with controversial and exciting news, how will this week unfold? With the quarterfinals starting this weekend, the start of this week seems like the calm before the storm.

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