[Worlds 2019] TL Doublelift; "They say that failure is the greatest teacher... if I put in the practice, there should be no reason why I shouldn’t be the best ADC in the tournament."

On the 20th, Team Liquid took down AHQ on the last day of the group stages in the 2019 LoL World Championship. Team Liquid started the day with a loss, but with this victory over AHQ, they kept their hopes alive to make it into the quarterfinals.


Team Liquid’s ADC, Peter ‘Doublelift’ Yiliang Peng, joined Jeesun Park in the official LCK broadcast for the post-match interview to share his thoughts about the victory.


image Source: Official LCK Broadcast

Congratulations on the win. After taking down AHQ, you’ve now joined the ‘3-win’ club. How do you feel?

I feel fine, but not good enough yet. We played pretty bad against DAMWON, when we pretty much gave the game for free at Dragon. We expected our lane swap strat to go a little better, but we made a lot of mistakes in the early game. We’re making a lot of mistakes in the early game, but we can’t do that against IG, so I’m just focused on that.

Team Liquid’s the final hope for NA, and you’ve personally been consistently attending Worlds as first seed for NA. What’s your mindset coming into this year’s Worlds?


I’ve learned a lot every time I’m at Worlds. They say that failure is the greatest teacher, and honestly, I have a similar mindset as every other year, where if I put in the practice, there should be no reason why I shouldn’t be the best ADC in the tournament. People might laugh and say that I’m cocky, but if you have a loser’s mindset, you’re just going to end up losing. I think I’m playing pretty well, and players are usually afraid of playing against the best in their roles, but since Uzi’s out of the tournament, I’m not exactly afraid of anyone.

CoreJJ promised to get you out of groups, so can you send him a message?


Well, I hope he delivers (laughter)! I feel like we’re going to win, and confident we’ll make out of groups. Even if we don’t, I’m still really grateful to play with him, since he’s such a great person and a great player.

You said it isn’t over yet, so what’s your mindset going into your match vs IG?


If we’re not trolling, we’re definitely a lot better. I know that they have a crazy super-carry top, but I know that we have a better mid and bot lane. Impact has the ability to go into any matchup and go even, While I’m not afraid of IG, I’m afraid of us doing stupid things, so if we don’t, it’ll be an easy win.

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