[Worlds 2019] GRF Viper: "It feels good that we had revenge on G2... It felt we overwhelmed G2 through our prowess."

Griffin had a marvelous run on their last day of the Group Stage at the 2019 LoL World Championship. Going 4-0 for the day, they had their revenge against G2 Esports by defeating them twice to secure the first seed out of Group A. After the game, bot laner Park “Viper” Do-hyeon shared some thoughts on how the team prepared for today’s games and how he felt about the whole Group Stage.

You’ve reached the quarterfinals as the first seed of your group. How do you feel?


I’m really happy that we won all the games today, and it also feels good that we had revenge on G2.

It was your first international competition aside from the Rift Rivals. Weren’t you any nervous?


I don’t think I was nervous at all.

How was the team atmosphere going into today’s games with a 2-1 record?


We knew that if we did well enough, we would reach quarters as the first seed, so we all encouraged each other to do well.

I heard that you were looking to play 4 games today.


We really did. I just thought if we’re able to win all the games lying ahead of us, we would advance to the next stage.

Among the 7 games you played in groups, which was the most satisfying and which was the most regretful?


The last match, the tiebreaker against G2 was the most satisfying, and obviously, the most regretful one was the one we lost against them. It was satisfying because it felt we overwhelmed G2 through our prowess, as for the one we lost, it’s simply regretful because we lost (Laughs).

What do you think went wrong in the game you lost?


I think there were so many things that went wrong in that match, it’s really hard to pick just one.

Which game was the most difficult besides playing against G2?


It was the game against Hong Kong Attitude. We started the game giving up 3 kills during the invade phase. It was really difficult because things didn’t go as we thought, but we knew the game wasn’t over so we calmed ourselves and did our best.

Although you lost the first game against G2, you won two straight games off of them, which could be said to be very one-sided. What was different?


First, we were on the other side, so the picks & bans were a bit different. As in performances, we were able to play with more initiative today. Since there were so many things that went wrong in the first match, we had a lot of feedback and put in a lot of effort to fix our big and small mistakes. We focused on what we need to do next, tried to keep concentrating on the game. We concentrated a lot on the game like macro, what we should do after picking up a kill, after giving up a kill, etc, every factor of the game.

In the tiebreaker game, Perkz played Zoe bot. How did it feel when you saw him lock in Zoe?


I saw potential. If things line up properly, I think she could become a monstrous pick. As I knew that he did play Zoe in bot, it wasn’t new; I thought it would be a good pick if it’s played well.


Playing against it, it was nearly my first time playing against Zoe bot. There were times when I played Zoe bot, but it was really new to me playing against it. I feel good that it went well for me.

Griffin has advanced to the quarters, but SK Telecom T1 and DAMWON Gaming still are waiting for their games. How do you think they’ll do?


I think both SKT and DWG will advance as the first seed. I’m not sure about the process; even if they have to go through rocky roads, they’re teams that are good at those kinds of fights, so I believe they’d advance as the first seed.

It’s your first time at Worlds, and first quarters. You'll be heading to Madrid. What are your plans for the next stage?


I’m satisfied that we delivered good performances in the group stage. Since we still have far to go, we’ll do our best to deliver our best performances at quarters as well.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


We’ve finally made it to Worlds, and to quarters. I’ll do my best to get good results.

How far do you think you can make it?


I’m planning to get to Paris.

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