[Worlds 2019] SPY Visicsacsi: "I think FPX and J Team are better than GAM, but at the same time, GAM is strong as well. It will be a tough day."

After three matches, Splyce is at a 1-2 record in Group B of the 2019 LoL World Championship. Splyce defeated GAM Esports in their first match, but fell to FunPlus Phoenix and J Team in order. Splyce top laner Tamás “Visicsacsi” Kiss spoke to Inven Global after their loss on Day 4.


Hi, nice to meet you. How do you feel after today’s match?


I feel like we came with a good strategy prepared, but our reaction to their reaction wasn’t good enough. We could have gotten a lot more ahead if we had prepared for this. But other than that, I think we underperformed too much. I think we should have been able to win, but we just let them poke out too much and we were reluctant to engage and take aggressive positions. I think that was the main issue and their composition had outscaled us at one point, so after that, it was hard to do anything. We should have pushed our powerful parts more and just more aggressive in general.

You’ve played against all three teams now. How do you think it’ll be different the next time you face them?


I think FPX and J Team are better than GAM, but at the same time, GAM is strong as well. It will be a tough day. But we also have good basics. I think this was just a test for us which didn’t work out. Next time we will probably play more of a normal style and try to get the draft advantage and push our lead through that. It was a perfect try because if it succeeded it would have put a lot of doubts in the other teams. Sadly it failed, but that happens with cheeses.

You’ve played against Zeros. He’s one of the most aggressive top laners at this Worlds. How was playing against him?


I played GP into Akali. I think GAM has really good control on the top side. They know how to play through it and got some leads but other than that, we managed to neutralize the game a lot against them. That was the key point. I think Zeros was pretty solid. Other than that, I didn’t see much difference between any other top laners. They’re on the same level, and they’re also aggressive. I haven’t played against the rest, but I’m sure he’s a pretty good player.

Which team was the hardest to face?


Right now, I would say J Team was the hardest to face because of how well they reacted. It felt as if they were really fast to prepare for this. Maybe they checked out our lane swap match back in spring and they came in prepared.


Other than that, FPX underperformed against us and had a weak early game than they usually do, so I think the next time we face them, FPX would be harder to play against. FPX kind of needs to get rolling a bit more, and if they do, I’m sure they will be a lot stronger. I would be the most scared of them because they have the strongest team of the group, but for now, I think J Team was in better shape.

You are the player with the most experience in the team. You would have to lead the team, how is that?


The most important aspect to take into consideration when you’re trying to lead your team is to be really confident. Whatever decision you make, you need to be really confident about it, and if the enemy has reactions that are unexpected, you have to be ready to take control over the situation and manage people one by one about what to do.


This is what I’m trying to do. On my rotations, I’m fully aware of what’s happening on the map. So I’m always calling of what plays we are contesting, where we move after, what happens if the enemy contests, do we play aggressive and take the fight or do we just back off, things like that. That’s the role I put myself into.

Being in that position, do you feel pressured?


Originally, back in the spring split, I felt a lot more pressure. I got adjusted to this role over time. It’s now kind of natural to me when I make calls for the team, talking about what direction I want to go towards. I think it helps a lot when someone is there giving directions. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s others. It’s kind of flexible within the team.

You’re also one of the oldest players now. How do you see your career?


This, right now, is the pinnacle of my career. I hadn’t reached Worlds before, and this is a really big achievement. I’ve always wanted to be here. I think it has been a good career, not an outstanding one though. I’d still have to win an LEC title, especially that I’ve been to the finals three times and always fell short. Maybe a bit more Worlds appearances (Laughs), but I think it’s been good so far.

Any last comment to the fans?


We can only thank our fans. There was a lot of support; there’s always a lot of support when we’re playing. Even when we fall behind, if we make moves, I can hear a lot of cheering come from the crowd. I’m very thankful to the fans.

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