RunAway Haksal: "I feel less pressure because my teammates can cover up for me."


RunAway set off APEX Season 2 with a decisive 3-0 victory against Flash Lux, showing solid coordination and synergy with newly added DPS KoX. The game set off in Oasis after a pause due to audio issues, and went one-sided as RunAway exceled both in macro and individual skills. Haksal boasted his Genji play that was still fashionable, generating multiple kills and making major contribution to the team's decisive victory.

Below is the post-match press interview with Hyojong "Haksal" Kim.


How does it feel to win 3-0 against Flash Lux?

This was our first match ever since Super Week promotion tournament. I think everyone was calm and on point today. We will try hard to win once again in the upcoming match.


What helped you win 3-0 today?

We came together as a stronger team after going through a rebuild. I think we were able to win not only because we had excellent teamwork, but also because I was in a really good condition today.


What exactly do you think your team improved on ever since going through a rebuild?

We now have larger hero pool, which allows us to come up with more diversified strategy. I also feel less pressure than before because my teammates can cover up for me when I am not doing so great. We are experiencing synergy in multiple aspects.


Your team come up with triple DPS composition today. Does RunAway like to play aggressively?

We are an aggressive team, and I think that's what makes it possible for us to come up with such formation. Our three DPS players are also capable of playing tank heros, so being aggressive is not something we worry as much about.


You came up with Symmetra and Torbjörn in Set 3, but it did not work so well. Why did you come up with such strategy?

That is the composition we have been practicing for a month. Our plan was to build ult charge in point A so that we can use ults one by one in point B to stall the enemy's push, but it didn't go as planned because we lost point A right away.


How is the team's general atmosphere after the rebuild?

It is really a positive environment. We want to advance to quarterfinals, and maybe even to semifinals.


Who is the player you are looking forward to the most among all that joined recently?

I am really looking foreward to see how far KoX can go. He can play basically all DPS, tank, and support roles. I think he will help us a lot in making our strategy richer.


Any last words?

I hope you keep supporting RunAway, and also me. Thank you.

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