Riot celebrates 10 years, gives back to the players, classic URF mode, and brand new preseason!

Riot turned 10! Happy Birthday Riot Games (with new emphasis on the 's'). Riot announced a bunch of new games, features, charities, and more, all celebrating the past ten years and giving back to its players. Their birthday party was basically an E3 just for Riot, and so, so much better. 

Check out our other articles covering all the new games released, but first, hear what they have in store for our good old classic MOBA that they started with. The original Riot Game. 

It's Our Birthday Too!

To kick things off, Riot is giving a small gift to all its players every day they log in for 10 days starting October 17th. "And no, it's not just Summoner Icons." It looks to feature chests, emotes, Little Legends eggs, and more. 

▲Screenshot from Riot Games

Summoner's Rift is also getting a birthday makeover, and Your Shop is coming back! They'll even have a chance to contain a Legendary Tier skin for the first time ever. And perhaps everyone's favorite gift, they're bringing back classic URF, with champion select! No more random champs, you get Ezreal and Sona every game! Available Oct. 28th - Nov. 8th.

Lastly, Riot is bringing support to its players in the Middle East, launching support for Arabic in the client and all other products and services. 

Preseason: Rise of the Elements

As always, League will have a Preseason in November, and this is a big one. In years past, there were a number of changes, sometimes minuscule - like jungle timers and elemental drakes - and other times bigger - like plants, plates, and Runes Reforged.

This year may be the biggest yet - it even got a name! - boasting a complete overhaul of the Elemental Drake system and how it influences the game. As more drakes are taken, one element will eventually "dominate the Rift, permanently altering the map." 

What do they do?

(Images screenshot from Riot Games' announcement.)

▲ "Infernal knocks down walls and burns down brush."
▲ "Mountain adds new terrain to play around."
▲ "Ocean makes brush grow larger and spawn extra honeyfruit."
▲ "Cloud turns pathways into wind tunnels -increasing movement speed - and grants CDR."

Each elemental buff will also have its own special mechanic if you are able to get max stacks.  Additionally, elder Drake will now lose its invisible power (extra stats) but retain the burn and gain a new execute function when you get your enemies low!

▲ Twitch is now a dragon!

Finally, they are adding a small pit in the top and bot lane, similar to the ones featured in Nexus Blitz, to provide more interesting vision wars and gank patterns. And they are adding an additional bush near the Blue Buff for extra jungle shenanigans. 

▲ I hope this cures your Nexus Blitz cravings.


The Other Stuff

Other than the Drake changes, there will be adjustments to the Top Lane, support items (thanks Nuguri), lethality, Spear of Shojin (goodbye), Runes, and much more. The Preseason starts in Patch 9.23 after this Ranked Season ends on November 18th. 

There are more preseason changes to come in future announcements, but this is what has been released so far! Be sure to check back for more updates on League, preseason, and all the new games Riot has been silently working on. 

Check out all their stats and features here

Which new Drake function is most exciting for you? And what do you think the extra mechanics will be once you reach max stats? 

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