Riot Games unveils League of Legends fighting game Project L

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

The long-rumored League of Legends fighting game has finally materialized. Project L is currently in the early development phases, and will feature characters and locations from Runeterra in an entirely new light. Jinx, Ahri, Darius, and Katarina were shown in the brief demo of early development of Project L as part of Riot's commemorative mega-announcement in honor of League of Legends turning 10 on Tuesday, October 15. 

Concrete possibility of the long-awaited LoL fighter reached new heighs when co-founder of EVO Tom Cannon announced at EVO 2019 that Riot Games was working on a fighting game. Cannon also works at Riot after the developer acquired Radiant Entertainment, which Cannon founded with his brother. 


If Project L is anything like the last Radiant title before Riot's aquisition, Rising Thunder, the game will focus on simplified fighting game fundamentals when compared to other fighting games. It can be inferred that the skill ceiling will be much lower than traditonal fighting games such as Street Fighter and DragonBallFighterZ. 

While certain announcements by Riot on October 15th provided little to no wait time — as of right now, Legends of Runeterra is currently being played, for example — a Project L ready for the public is a long ways away. 

This story will continue to be updated as more information is revealed.

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