Big changes to TFT coming soon! Featuring Mobile version and brand new champs!

Earlier this year, the Auto Battler genre took off, and much like the old Battle Royale craze, everyone and their mother was getting into it - even Riot Games. Riot launched Teamfight Tactics, AKA TFT, this summer, and it has been massively successful, bringing millions of players to the League client. 

TFT's greatest achievement is how it allows longtime League players to branch off into new experiences with their favorite champions, something Riot has been going all in on according to their announcements today. The success of TFT brought more and more demand, and now Riot is providing the supply.

TFT is coming to mobile!



What else is new?

Additionally, TFT is getting a whole new structure moving forward. Much like our classic Summoners Rift receives a makeover each year, TFT will begin having "Seasonal Sets," which will bring in new champions, classes, origins, and items. In these sets, they'll expand on the current game mechanics, promising to keep the game fresh and exciting with each new change. 

The first Seasonal Set will be live in three weeks (around November 8th), and will be called Rise of the Elements, just like classic League Preseason, and will be playable on the PBE on October 22nd. It will feature brand new Little Legends, board skins, and other cosmetics.

▲ Screenshot by Riot Games

It will also feature these new origins - Desert, Inferno, and Poison -and new classes - Summoners and Mystics. The unofficial list of champions to be released includes Sivir, Diana, Kog'Maw, Zyra, Nami, Zed, Lux, Annie, Syndra, Renekton, Nautilus, Jax, Nasus, Vladimir, Thresh, and Olaf.

The current form of TFT is still considered Beta, and those who have been playing it and ranking up will receive awards for their time and investment going into the first official Seasonal Set this November.

▲ Screenshot by Riot Games

Mobile won't arrive till early 2020, but there will be some Beta passes given out by December of this year. It will be it's very own app, and yes - it does feature cross-platform functionality to PC and other mobile operating systems. 

What other champs and items do you hope to see in TFT? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter. And check back here for more updates on all of Riot's new adventures. 

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