Kongdoo Uncia Butcher: "I feel more comfortable playing secondary tank."


The first APEX matchup after Lunar New Year holiday saw Kongdoo Uncia win 3-1 against Afreeca Freecs Blue. KD Uncia showed better positioning and coordination overall in compare to AF Blue's relatively weak teamwork. The game kicked off in Oasis in which both teams took control points back and forth showing a tight matchup, but the game started to tilt towards KD Uncia starting from Set 2 in King's Row. birdring continuously broke apart AF Blue's formation with his sneaky flanks and timely use of ults that connected to multiple kills. AF Blue did manage to take away Set 3 Volskaya Industries with them, led by ArHaN's successful utilization of Sombra on defense and agressive Genji dive on offense. AF Blue, however, had a hard time coming together as a team again in Watchpoint: Gibraltar that followed. KD Uncia pushed the payload all the way while AF Blue went only beyond the second point.

Birdring showed tight Genji showdown against ArHaN and Panker proved that he is still among top-tier Reinhardt players, but there was also Sangwon "Butcher" Yoon that recently moved to Uncia from its sister team Kongdoo Panthera. We had a chance to hear his thoughts after his first victory in a new team. Below is the post-match press interview with Butcher.


How does it feel to mark the team's first victory?

I moved to Uncia from Panthera and also changed my role. I am happy that we won such an important game today. I feel relieved.


How did you come up with the decision to change your team?

I was the main tank player when I was in Panthera. I mained Reinhardt, but didn't really feel like it fit with my playstyle. Kongdoo Uncia had an empty spot for a secondary tank position, so I decided to take it.


How is your new role coming through?

I already had experience as a secondary tank before maining Reinhardt in Panthera. I feel more comfortable than I did in the days when I played Reinhardt.


You showed notable Zarya plays today revolving around Graviton Surge, and there were many times when you fired Graviton directly to the ground.

I tend to fire Graviton Surge to the ground mainly because of D.Va and Genji. We have YouTube videos on our official Kongdoo channel that give you tips for playing Zarya. You may want to check them out.


AF Blue advanced to finals in the previous season of APEX. Did that make you any nervous?

We advanced to semifinals, so we did not feel as nervous about AF Blue's standing in the previous season. I thought we had a good enough chance to win.


What is your goal this season? Is there anything you want to improve on?

Our goal is of course to win the entire thing. My personal goal is to advance to semifinals just like we did in the previous season. Our teamplay is centered heavily on Reinhardt, so we are training ourselves to make DPS heroes take the lead. I think our playstyle is rather passive as of now, and this is something we can definitely improve on.

When it comes to where team coordination is centered around, it really depends on where the healer is focused on. Each player can do better or worse depending on the amount of support he receives from the team's healer. For example, If the team relies heavily on Reinhardt, he can tell our McCree to use Flashbang to make enemy Reinhardt turn his shield off. On the other hand, if DPS is the team's shotcaller, he can tell Reinhardt to charge forward to break the enemy's formation.


Any last words?

Special thanks to our managing director, coach, and also our sponsor Xenics. We will try harder to show better performance.

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