Fortnite Chapter 2 is Here! Here's What We Know:

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Everything started when there was... nothing left.

On Sunday afternoon, Season 10 (Or Season X) came to an end with an epic event. Everything was sucked into a black hole and players questioned for a day and half what the meaning behind all this was.

Nothing to see here.

Monday was stressful for Fortnite fans as no one knew what to expect, but slowly and surely, top creators in the scene started to drop hints of what would come to be. Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins tweeted an all dark video, in which he whispered his biggest Fortnite clue: "....Tacos".


People probably got ASMR from it. It meant Tuesday, like Taco Tuesday. I think.


The game was unplayable, their social media accounts had nothing but a black hole, everything was erased and in-game, there was only one mode: "The End".

Today the community woke up to a brand new Fortnite that includes a brand new map featuring a lot of water. The map plays along with the aquatic theme and players are able to fish, swim, hop on boats and heal teammates in different ways.





I ask myself this question too, Gaga.

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