[Worlds 2019] GRF Lehends on Garen-Yuumi vs Sona-Kench: "I think it’s purely a skill matchup, where the better bot lane would win."

On the 15th, Griffin took down Cloud 9 in day 4 of the group stages in the 2019 LoL World Championship. Despite a lead by Cloud 9 throughout most of the game, Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon put on a stellar performance by carrying multiple teamfights on Leblanc.


Griffin’s support, Son "Lehends" Si-woo joined Laure Valée and Hyunseon ‘Hajin’ Park on the Riot Games official English broadcast to share his thoughts about the victory.


Image Source: Riot Games


Despite a lot of kills on the scoreboard, you were behind in gold and map control for most of the game. When was the key moment that you knew you were ahead?


I think the turning point was when there was that big teamfight in mid lane.



While we know that Sona-Tahm Kench and Garen-Yuumi bot lanes exist, we’ve never seen them face off against one another. Can you tell me why they picked those champions to play against your Garen-Yuumi?


To be honest, I’m confident against any matchup in bot, so I’ll just say it was entertaining.



Do you think it was a good decision by C9 to play Sona-Tahm Kench?


I think it’s purely a skill matchup, where the better bot lane would win.



When I talked to Tarzan yesterday, he mentioned that you guys had to fix some mistakes that you made. Do you think that with this victory, you’ve fixed the mistakes?


I don’t know about others, but I know I’m playing well.



A lot of people have been waiting for Griffin to qualify, and there’s a lot of fans cheering for you. Is there anything that you’d like to say to them?


(In English) “Thanks for cheering. Thank you.”

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