[Worlds 2019] GAM Zeros: "I always believe I’m better than my opponent. That’s why I always play aggressively."

Gigabyte Marines had surprised the world in their past participation in the LoL World Championship. As GAM Esports, they’re back at Worlds 2019, and with the perfect top laner that suits their playstyle. Phạm “Zeros” Minh Lộc hit the Rift at Worlds with exactly the performance he has been known for. He was full of confidence and was ready to take on any top laner that is participating.

※ This interview was conducted after GAM's win against J Team on Day 3.

Congrats on your win! How do you feel?


I feel really happy now because I finally found my “feeling” of how to play on stage. The whole team has a really good atmosphere right now. We feel relaxed and ready to go into the next games.

What went well in today’s game?


I actually have more regrets than satisfaction with this game. What I’m impressed the most about our game today is our team coordination. The team really played well together, and that’s what I’m most happy about.

After watching the match against HKA, some fans said GAM is a team made of 5 top laners, and the craziest guy among them is the top laner. Is that a style of play that is intended?


Yes, I do believe we’re all top-quality top laners, and I’m the best among them. (Laughs)

You’re a very aggressive player, always pushing. Do you plan to play in that way regardless of the opponent?


I always believe I’m better than my opponent. That’s why I always play aggressively, and I’m really confident with my ability, so I will continue to do so whoever the opponent is.

Then who’s the best top laner in Group B?


(Laughs) That would be me.

You said that you’re always confident to beat the opponent. After two matches, do you still have all that confidence?


I’m very confident. I feel that I got in the groove now. We will go fine in this tournament, and I believe we will always be in the ‘carry team mode’.

In a previous interview, you said that if you avoid DAMWON in Groups, you’ll be able to advance to the knockout stage. You have avoided DAMWON, but if you were to meet them, do you think you can win?


I said that just for the Group stage; if they came to our group, our group would have been more difficult. If we were to have to meet DAMWON in the knockout stages, I believe we can knock them out.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


I haven't been playing perfectly right now, so I hope worldwide fans don’t pay too much attention to my performance (Laughs). I believe I’ll do better, and when I do, I’ll look forward to your cheering and love.

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