[Worlds 2019] G2 Perkz: "As a team, SKT’s that’s really scary, but historically and personally speaking, I think IG is a scarier team."

On the 14th, G2 took down C9 in day 3 of the group stages in the 2019 LoL World Championship. While there was much hype behind the NA vs EU matchup, G2 closed out the game and earned the quickest victory at Worlds so far.


G2’s ADC, Luka ‘PerkzPerković joined Laure Valée on the official Riot Games English broadcast to share his thoughts about the victory.

Image Source: Riot Games Official English Broadcast


Congratulations on the victory. How did it feel to have so many people cheer for you in the clash between NA and EU?


I’ve never played an international tournament in Europe, so it felt really nice to have people chant the team and my name. 



To talk about the game, it was very bloody, yet you seemed to remain calm throughout the chaos. How were you able to remain so calm?


At this point in my career, I feel that I’m very experienced, and I don’t think that I can be thrown off by any situation in the game. In terms of the game being bloody, my Top and Jungle were running it down, and I feel the game was 5 minutes longer than it should’ve been.

You’ve mentioned that your teammates were running it down. In your opinion, who threw the most in that game?


I think it probably was Jankos. He was trolling the hardest. He always tells us to pick him Qiyana and he’ll 1 vs 9, and in a way, he did. Wunder also died a lot 1 vs 1 top, so I’m glad that Caps and Mikyx played well in that game. 



Everyone expects a lot from G2, and your team’s one of the favorites to win. Why do you think G2 will win the championship this year?


I think that everyone on the team is individually better than the competition, and great teamwork. We also have a great atmosphere in the team, which won’t stagnate our journey in this tournament. It’s never easy, but I think we have what it takes.



In your opinion, which team looks the scariest? SKT perhaps?


Actually, I think it’s IG. Despite some of the members not performing well, I think their solo laners, such as TheShy and Rookie, are really good, Although everyone on SKT’s really good, I feel that having such a carry potential from these solo laners are really scary. As a team, SKT’s that’s really scary, but historically and personally speaking, I think IG is a scarier team.



As a recently role-swapped ADC, who do you want to face the most in lane?


I don’t have anyone in particular, but I always like a fierce competition, so probably the RNG bot lane. Uzi’s a phenomenal player, so beating him in two different roles would be a great accomplishment.

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