[Worlds 2019] GRF Chovy on Mid Ezreal: "When I played against an Ezreal in solo queue, it was very oppressive. Once I’ve tried it, it was fun, so I’ve practiced Ezreal a lot."

On the 14th, Griffin took down HKA in day 3 of the group stages in the 2019 LoL World Championship. Both teams headed into this match with a 0-1 record, and despite the slightly odd draft and a horrid level 1 invade for Griffin, they’ve shown proactivity around the map. Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon also outscaled the enemy with an insane CS score of 447 at 38 mins, thus keeping their hopes alive to make it into the next round of the tournament.


Griffin’s mid laner, Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon and the jungler, Lee ‘Tarzan’ Seung-yong joined Laure Valée and Jeesun Park in post-game interviews on the official LCK broadcast and on the official Riot Games English broadcast respectively, to share their thoughts about their victory.


Image Source: Official LCK Broadcast


Congratulations on your first win at Worlds. How do you feel?


We would’ve been in a dangerous situation if we lost, but I’m glad we won.

Since this is your first Worlds, were you nervous at all?


No, I always have a very stern expression. 

You’ve shown an outstanding performance with Ezreal. Is it a pick with a lot of practice?


When I played against an Ezreal in solo queue, it was very oppressive. Once I’ve tried it, it was fun, so I’ve practiced Ezreal a lot.

You’ve had a horrid level 1 invade and gave away 3 kills. Were you shocked?


After that horrible fail of an invade, we just told each other to do well.



You’ve had an insane CS score on Ezreal this game. How did you farm so well?


I tried to not miss a single CS in mid lane, and even took jungle champs, so I think that’s how I’ve had such a good CS score.

You have some time before your next match, so how will you prepare for it?


We’ll look over the mistakes that we’ve made today, and prepare a different strategy for our next match.


Image Source: Riot Games Official English Broadcast

Congratulations on your first victory at Worlds! I want to first talk about your draft and lane assignments. Why did your team decide to put Ezreal mid and Irelia bot?


First, Viper’s really good at playing non-marksman champions, and Chovy’s also good at playing marksman champions, so against Syndra, we felt it was the right call to assign the lanes like that.

Based on what I’ve seen on your team in the LCK, I feel like Griffin should’ve had a much easier time. Can you share what your journey was like so far, and why does it seem much harder than expected?


There are many things that we need to touch upon as a team, so I feel that we need to focus a bit harder.



Can you share a little more details in what the team needs to work on?


I think that we haven’t fully adjusted to this international stage yet. However, with this victory, we’ll be able to show a better performance in our next match.

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