[Worlds 2019] AHQ Ziv after the loss to IG: "I actually think we did pretty well versus IG. I hope we can extend that into the other games as well."

Worlds 2019 has kicked off, and begun its month long search for the new world champions.Twelve of the sixteen attending teams took to the stage on the opening day, and one of them was ahq e-Sports Club. The LMS team took on reigning world champion Invictus Gaming to start their doule Round Robin matches and although it was IG who took the victory, ahq e-Sports did manage to hold them off for a considerable amount of time.

Ahq e-Sports' toplaner Chen "Ziv" Yee had a brief chat with us after the match had concluded. He told us what went wrong in the game, but also explained why hope is not lost for his team.


Welcome Ziv. Obviously losing your first match at Worlds is tough—how do you look back on it?

I think we felt too nervous for this first game. We didn't bring everything we got today. Also, we have to admit that the opponent was really good, of course.


Those nerves you mentioned, how did you try and counter them?

I think that, after the very first game, everyone will get used to the big stage. I think everyone will relax more then, and as a result we can do better.


The start of the game was pretty good actually. What went wrong?

Yeah I think we did pretty good at the start of the game. The problem is that our communication is a little bit chaotic at times, though. Also, though our early game was stable, we didn't manage to carry that over to the late game.


Can you give an example of communication that went wrong?

When we got an advantage early on, everyone tried to do more. Everyone was sharing their thoughts at the same time. But although many people were making suggestions, nobody really made a decision.


What do you think of your personal performance this game?

Well TheShy is a very good player, but I think I wasn't performing at my best either. I do hope that I can do better in the future.


You're still playing DAMWON and Liquid. That means you're up against Nuguri and Impact. Do you think you can hold your ground?

I think that TheShy and Nuguri are really good in our group. They are the difficult ones to beat. I think it's a bit different for Impact. I think after the Group Stage I can make a better guess who's the better one.


It's fair to say that ahq e-Sports is the underdog in the group, I think. What do you think your chances are to advance?

Yeah I think everyone sees us as an underdog. Of course, that brings less stress compared to the other teams, so it might be an advantage. I actually think we did pretty well versus IG. I hope we can extend that into the other games as well.


Of the teams that are in Worlds, are there any specific names you'd like to face should you make it to the next stage?

I'm already very satisfied with group D [laughs]. But from the other teams, I'd love to face RNG. There are a lot of players there that I've known for a long time, and I would love to compete against them.

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