[Worlds 2019] RNG Xiaohu on Uzi's Condition: "Obviously, I’m worried about him... The only thing I can do to help him is carrying the team."

On the 12th, RNG defeated Clutch Gaming on the first day of the 2019 LoL World Championship. Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-hao pulled out mid lane Kayle against Tanner “Damonte” Damonte’s Syndra and delivered a remarkable performance. After the match, Xiaohu spoke with Inven Global about today’s match, Uzi’s condition, and his expectations for tomorrow’s match against SK Telecom T1.


You defeated Clutch today. How do you feel?


This is the first match of our group stage. I’m very happy that we got the victory.

Group C is called the ‘group of death’. How many wins do you think you’ll get during the group stage?


I think our team can get about 4 to 5 wins.

This is the 4th time you reached Worlds. How is it different from other Worlds that you’ve been to?


Through the experience from the three past Worlds I’ve been to, this time, I feel less pressure so I just play as normal and calm as I can.

Today, you picked mid lane Kayle. How did you end up picking Kayle?


I think Kayle is very useful, but there are limits. She can’t be used all the time. In certain situations, she can become a very strong pick. Today was one of those situations.

How was playing against Damonte?


I feel Damonte is very good at pushing the lanes. His synergy is really good with his jungler as well. They work together very well and I think he’s a really consistent player.

Uzi still has issues with his injury. How do you feel about his condition as a teammate?


As a pro player, I feel it’s very hard to deal with health issues. We can’t avoid it and there’s no real solution. I think as teammates, all of us other players have to step up and relieve the pressure from him. We need to be as of much of help as we can.


Obviously, I’m worried about him, but there’s nothing I can really do for him. The only thing I can do to help him is carrying the team to get as many victories as we can. 

Which other mid laner are you looking forward to the most?


The matchup I’m looking forward to is against Chovy of Griffin. This is his first time to be in a major international tournament. I’m looking forward to playing against him because he’s very aggressive.

You’ll be playing against SKT the next match. How do you plan to face them?


Our group is called the death group. Every single victory is very precious. We will just simply try our best to get the game against SKT so that we can increase our chances to get to the quarterfinals.

Which teammate is the most trustworthy for the match against SKT?


As a mid laner, I must say it’s the jungler, because the mid-jungle synergy is very important. Our synergy is like twins.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


This is my fourth consecutive Worlds. I appreciate all the fans that always support me. I’ll try very hard to deliver my best performance for them.

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