[Worlds 2019] SKT Khan on the Group of Death: "That nickname only applies to weaker teams facing against stronger teams."

On the 12th, SK Telecom T1 took down Fnatic in the very first game of group stages in the 2019 LoL World Championship. In such an explosive matchup between the two titans, SKT pulled out a surprise Kayle pick in the bot lane, and with an outscaling team composition that favored them, SKT showed dominance and proved why they're the favorites of the tournament.


Kim 'Khan' Dong-ha, the top laner for SKT, joined Jeesun Park in the LCK broadcast's post-game interview, and shared his thoughts about the victory.

Image Source: Official LCK Broadcast

Congratulations on your victory. How does it feel to take your first victory against Fnatic?


There was a bit of pressure because we were playing the first game and because of our group being dubbed “The Group of Death”, but I’m glad to start off with a win.



What do you think about group C being dubbed “The Group of Death”?


Even though it’s called “The Group of Death”, if we can’t overcome such obstacles, we’ll be left with regrets and won’t matter. No matter what the group is called, I think that it’s important to just play our game. 



Tristana has surprisingly been swapped to mid. How did the pick come to be?


During practice, we didn’t limit any champions to a certain lane, prepared so that any champion can go into any lane, and it worked out.



SKT’s macro was very clean as well. Did you mean to show what LCK macro is?


In LCK, teams like to take any and all the wins around the map, and don’t like to lose out. LCK’s style is very good at calculating those situations.



Your next match is against RNG. Any comments?


People say that our group is “The Group of Death”, but that nickname only applies to weaker teams facing against stronger teams. Our goal is to go higher in the tournament, so we’re not too worried about such a nickname. We’ve won today, and we’ll keep winning to reach our goal. Thank you.

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