[Worlds 2019] GAM Zeros: "Group B is a difficult group, but we can find a way to play against each team effectively."

VCS summer champion GAM Esports hasn’t lost for a long time. Their last loss was back on July 28th, when they gave up a single set. Currently, they’re on a 16-game winning streak including two 3-0 sweeps against Lowkey Esports and Team Flash in the postseason, reigning as the strongest in the Vietnam region.


GAM Esports’ biggest strength is their upper half, especially the synergy between the top and jungle. Zeros and Levi have been around the international LoL scene for a while now. Prior to the group stage, we had some questions for the two players.


Please introduce GAM Esports and your play style for those who don’t know GAM and yourselves well.

: We are GAM eSports from Vietnam. GAM has previously played in MSI and Worlds in 2017. We are a team that always creates our own style to play this game; my coach always wonders and imagines how to play the game.

: As we all know GAM had a very stunning performance at Worlds 2017 with a unique playstyle and blew everyone away. I do like that unique playstyle and my goal is having a good laning phase, then I can control my opponent and create my own playstyle in that game.

(To Levi) What does your nickname mean? Is it the ‘Levi’ from Attack on Titan?

: That's correct. My nickname is from that manga. Actually, I didn't read that Manga when I decided my nickname, I just named it back then, but now I read it whole.


Many fans are looking forward to Zeros’ fancy laning and aggressive performance. They compare you to DAMWON Gaming’s Nuguri. What do you think? And if you get to play against him, how do you think it’ll go?

Zeros: In my opinion, once you can go to an international event, everyone has their very own way to play this game as high-skilled players. Being afraid and not having confidence in yourself only lets your opponent dominate you even before the match starts. Therefore, I'm going to play with a mindset that "I'm better than them".

About Nuguri, I think he is an extremely good player. I've been watching him for the whole LCK and his stream as well. I’m really impressed. At Worlds, if I have a chance to go 1v1 with him in the top lane, I think my chance is 50-50.

In the VCS, GAM won the championship through the strong upper half (top, jungle, mid). At what level do you think GAM’s upper half is compared to other top-tier teams?

Levi: Not only the upper half - I do think our lower half is good enough to compete against top-tier teams.

: If I have to manage my top lane by myself, it’s going to be a bit tough for me, but because I have both Levi and Kiaya, I’ll be able to do well.

Being in Group B with FunPlus Phoenix and J Team, many say that it’s easier than groups A or C. There may be a chance to pass the group stage for the first time. How far do you think you can go? How is your confidence?

Levi: I think my team will advance to the quarterfinals and I'm very confident about it.

: In our opinion, Group B is a difficult group, but we can find a way to play against each team effectively. What we need to do now is practice much more. If we can avoid DWG in the group stage, I think we can advance to the semifinals.


There’s one slot left to be filled from the play-ins. Which team do you want? How do you think your results would be in the group stage?

Levi: It would be better not having DWG in our group. I hope that we can get at least 4 wins in our group.

(To Zeros) You’re really fancy and aggressive. Are there any top laners that you look up to or learn by watching them?

: I've been watching LCK top laners a lot, especially Khan and Nuguri. I learn a lot from them such as their individual skills or how they play the game. I think they are solid top-tier players.

G2 had often shown weaknesses during Worlds’ Group stages. Perkz joked that it’s fortunate that they didn’t get any Vietnam teams. During the last MSI, Phong Bu defeated G2 twice. What do you think about G2’s style, and if you play against G2, are you confident?

: I had played against G2 when I was in GAM before. The record was 1-1, and Perkz was still around back then. If we have an opportunity to play against them, it means that both of us advance from the group stage. It would be great and I hope it happens. And of course, I’m confident.

Any last comments? A word to your fans around the world?

: Thank you very much for rooting for me, I've been having a tough time in 2018 but I've learned a lot to become who I am now. Thank you to everyone that is rooting for me and GAM.

※ Image source: GAM Esports Facebook

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