[Worlds 2019] Hong Kong Attitude 3z: "We must have been doing something right, because we won. At the same time though, I feel like we made a lot of mistakes."

As the League of Legends World Championship's Group Stage draws near, the final roster for it is shaping up. On the final day of the Play-In stage, Hong Kong Attitude fought for their chance to the big stage. They did so against the Latin American team Isurus Gaming, and they did so successfully. With a relatively swift 3-1, the Hong Kong team advanced to the next round.

After the match, we sat down with the team's toplaner Chen "3z" Han for a brief chat. He told us about Hong Kong Attitude's preparation for the match, and how he thinks he'll do against other toplaners in the Group Stage.


Congratulations with your victory over Isurus! Did you expect to win?

Yeah, we did expect to beat them. We prepared a lot for this Best of 5.


What especially did you focus on for this match?

It was mainly focused around Dragon pit control and Herald or Baron pit control. In terms of the ban picks, we mostly discussed about countering Gangplank.


The second game, Isurus actually managed to win. Is what you mentioned earlier what went wrong there?

We had Gangplank checked, but our botlane picks weren't that good.


The Group Stage is up next. Which group do you hope to be placed in?

Looking at all the groups, I don't think there are any standouts that are especially weak. We're fine with getting any group.



Let's look at a hypothetical Group A draft. There you'll face off against Wunder of G2, who is a popular toplaner. How do you think you'll stack up against him?

I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't played him, so you don't know until you try it out!


Among the other toplaners at Worlds, how do you think you'll do?

It really depends on the preparation we do, I think. I don't think I did that well in this series. It think it comes down to how we prepare for future games.


Looking back at the Play-In stage as a whole, how would you rate your team's performance?

Since we've made it to the Group Stages, the top 16, it has to be 70 or 80 points [out of 100] that I give my team. We must have been doing something right, because we won. At the same time though, I feel like we made a lot of mistakes. So in the future we really need to identify those mistakes and try to correct them.


Is there something that went consistently wrong for the team? And what's something that has gone consistently well?

I think we have controlled Baron very well. On the flipside, if the team isn't focused on Baron and instead decides to focus me... I just think that's something we've dealt with particularly well. I think that takes us into a stage where we don't really know what to do on a map.


To round it up, do you have anything to say to the fans?

I really want to thank my fans. I've received a lot of messages from them. I think it's pretty early in Taiwan. I feel very grateful.

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