[IGC 2019] Inven Global Participates in the IGC with G-Star, Korea's Largest Game Event


The 5th Annual Inven Game Conference (also known as IGC 2019) will be held from Nov. 14th to the 15th at Busan Bexco, in exhibition hall 2.


This year’s IGC 2019 will be in collaboration with ‘G-CON’ and its organizing committee of (Chairman Kang Shin-chul). ‘IGC X G-CON’ will be inviting famous developers of the hottest games on the market, and will host 35 sessions which will include Blockchain, cloud services, Indie games, platforms, and IP.


This year’s conference will include 4 keynotes and 35 sessions, a massive expansion from last year.


G-CON’s first keynote session will be hosted by Jenova Chen of Thatgamecompany, a game company that has a unique feel, and focuses on the keyword, “Relationships” in developing their games. With the recently announced game, ‘Sky: Children of the Light’ and their masterpiece, ‘Journey’, at its focus, he’ll be talking about the process of developing a game to the audience.


The second keynote will be delivered by the directors of Creative Assembly, Janos Gaspar and Pawel Wojs, the developers of the game,’ Total War: Three Kingdoms’, which has received continued positive reception from experts and players. 


The third keynote will be delivered by Igarashi Koji, a man whose considered a legend in this industry. Known for the ‘Castlevania’ series, he will be talking about ‘Bloodstained’, a game developed through crowdfunding.


Hilmar Veigar Petursson, the CEO of Iceland’s most well known game company, CCP Games, will be hosting the last keynote session. He will be talking about VR through case studies of CCP Games’ masterpiece, ‘EVE Online’.


Apart from these keynote sessions, there will be many sessions hosted by incredible speakers.


Supercell, a company well known for developing a mobile game loved by many worldwide, ‘Brawl Stars’, will be sending their developer, Frank Keienburg Lead, and the writer of the much loved webtoon, ‘Denma’, Yang Young Soon will also be in attendance. Yang will be sharing the importance of storytelling and creation of a world, with different methods of successfully doing so with the audience.


The CTO of Funnypaw, Jae Young Choi, a company known for creating a well-received game based off the manga, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, the illustrator of ‘The War of Genesis’ and ‘Blade and Soul’, who’s currently the CEO of Shiftup, Hyung Tae Kim, will also be hosting sessions as well.


Randy Varnell, producer at Gearbox Studios, which is known for their development of Borderland 3, will also be in attendance and contributed to the impact of the conference. Varnell is preparing a lecture to talk about the development process of Borderland 3.


The Senior Agility Lead for Bungee, Linda Fane and the CEO of Odencat Inc, Sato Daigo will also be giving lectures. Also, Inven Global’s very own, Nick D’orazio will be in attendance to introduce Inven Global and to talk about the current status of the North American market with the audience.


The G-Star organizing committee commented, “G-CON is an event hosted each year, which captures entertainment and professionalism through growth in quality and quantity. In collaboration with IGC, with their know-how of hosting the best domestic conferences, we hope to emphasize the best of both events.”


Anyone that hopes to participate in G-CON X IGC may apply through the G-Star official website. Tickets will be offered at 70,000 KRW, and at 50,000 KRW for university students, and in order to provide the best environment and infrastructure, a total of 1,000 tickets will be available via first-come, first-served fashion.

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