Splyce Vizicsacsi on the team he wants to avoid in the knockout stages: "It's obviously DAMWON... but we're glad to be 1st seed, since I don’t see them losing a single game in their group."

On the 4th, after a surprising defeat to DetonatioN FocusMe, Splyce brushed themselves off and took down Isurus Gaming in day 2 of the play-in stages. With this win, Splyce secured their 1st seed spot into the next round of the play-in stages. 


The following is the post-game interview with the top laner from Splyce, Vizicsacsi on the Riot Games English broadcast, and with the ADC from Splyce, Kobbe, on the LCK broadcast.

The following is the interview with Vizicsacsi on the Riot Games English broadcast.

Image Source: LoL Esports Youtube Channel



This game was a hard game for your team. How do you feel?


We definitely felt we underperformed this game. I think our mid game was much slower and chaotic than usual. I think it’s due to their team comp, due to Quinn having a lot of mobility around the map, but we should’ve had a cleaner execution and I would’ve been satisfied if we finished the game 10-15 minutes earlier. 

Splyce secured the 1st seed into the next round of the play-in stages. Did you expect to be seeded 1st into the knockout stages when you first saw the group draws?


We were definitely aiming for the 1st seed placing but since we didn’t know how strong our opponents were, we didn’t know what to expect. We had a respectful mindset towards our opponents and wanted to see how strong they were. After day 1, we expected to get out of play-in stages as 1st seed, but today was a bit rougher than anticipated. 



This is your first Worlds. I know that you’re playing in your home field, but please tell me how you’ve prepared for Worlds and how it was like on stage.


It was pretty similar to our gauntlet run. We played lots of scrims and we just focused on ourselves, trying to improve our own gameplay. Once we got on stage, it felt like we were playing in the LEC, because this is our home field and we’re very familiar with the stage. I’d really like to get into the group stages and take in the atmosphere there.



Who do you want to avoid in the knockout stages, and why is it DAMWON?


(Laughter) Like you said, it’s obviously DAMWON. I think they’re a really strong, and they’re easily a group stage caliber team. However, now that we’re 1st seed, I don’t see ourselves playing against them in the knockout stages, because I don’t see DAMWON losing a single game in their group.


The following is the post-game interview with Kobbe, on the LCK broadcast.

Image Source: LCK Twitch


This is your first Worlds appearance in 3 years. How does it feel to get out of the play-in stages as 1st seed?


I’m happy, but I expected to get out of groups as 1st seed. We have to work harder, because we had a disappointing performance today. Even so, I’m glad to get out of groups as 1st seed.

You’ve had a stellar performance on Jhin this game. What made you decide to lock in Jhin?


There were many different ADC champions I could’ve played, but I was the most confident on Jhin.

There’s a 3-way tie in group A. Who do you think will come first?


I think Clutch Gaming will get 1st seed. They’re definitely underperforming, but I think they’ll be back in form.

Heading into the play-in knockout stages, what is the team’s mindset?


Once our opponent is decided, we’ll strategize accordingly. Our last 2 games were disappointing, so we’ll focus on improving from the mistakes we made.

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