Jschritte tears through opponents to win Twitch Rivals' $75,000 Teamfight Tactics tournament

There's quite some esports action this weekend, for established titles as well as newcomers. Over in the San Diego, at TwitchCon 2019, Teamfight Tactics took its next step in esports with the conclusion of a $75,000 tournament. In the end it was Cloud9's Juan "Jschritte" Freitas who reigned supreme, scooping up $15,000 with his final victory in addition to the prize money he had accumulated in previous stages of the tournament.

In order to achieve his win, Jschritte had to leave some of the most respected strategy game and card game players behind him. After grinding through the Open Qualifiers, the Brazilian advanced to the final stage where 31 other players were waiting. In Group B he had to overcome names like DisguisedToast, Lothar and Brian Kibler. Jschritte showed exceptional 'pivoting' skill in this stage, meaning he was quick to recognize how to change his lineup in order to win.

In the Grand Finals, which consisted of just a single match, Jschritte had to defeat Hafu, Dog, DisguisedToast, Scarra, Jac0b0, K3soju and Sleettft. When only 3 players in the lobby were left standing Jschritte sat at a comfortable 44 health total, using his aggressive lineup core of all four Wild champions, three Assasssins and three Shapeshifters. His overall record throughout the tournament is nothing to scoff at: Jschritte's group placements were 1st, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 1st, 2nd and 1st.




The silver medal went to Hafu, who took the Imperial route using all four of its champions, and complemented the core with Poppy, Mordekaiser and Sejuani to have four Knights as well. K3soju finished third with a Dragon/Sorcerer/Shapeshifter composition built around Aurelion Sol, Swain and Shyvana.


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