kt PawN: "I'm always ready to bring out aggressive champions."

On January 25th (local time), kt Rolster swept Longzhu Gaming 2-0 in the first matchup of Day 7 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Sangam e-Stadium in Seoul. With today's victory, kt was ranked no.1 in the tie with SKT T1. Wonseok “PawN” Heo contributed to the team's victory with solid play.


Below is the post-match interview with PawN.

It was the last matchup before Lunar New Year’s holiday. How does it feel to win today’s game?

I’m relieved to win today’s game before Lunar New Year’s Day. I think I can take a good rest.

I heard that you guys didn’t have a good teamwork at first. How is it now?

We lost a lot of games in early scrims. We had a turn-around game with 10k gold difference. But we’re having great results both in scrims and in tournaments nowadays. I think our teamwork is getting better.

You had a rough time in the early stage of the first set. When did you think that you could reverse the situation?

I thought that I could put on some damage without getting killed if I could get the Quicksilver Sash. Since I got the Quicksilver Sash, I firmly believed that we could win the game.

You chose somewhat passive champions today. Do you plan to use some of the aggressive champions in the future?

I'm always ready to bring out aggressive champions.

You picked an off-meta champion, Viktor. Do you have any reason for that?

Since Ryze got banned, Viktor was the most proper pick. We don’t see Viktor often these days because it is hard to play him independently. And he needs a certain time to get stronger.

Do you think the Rylai’s Crystal Scepter’s nerf had great impact?

Well, I took it since It’s a very good item. But its damage was not the same as before as the game gets longer.

Many typical LoL players think that Jayce has an advantage over Viktor. Was there any particular reason for Viktor to have dominance in laning phase?

I always thought Viktor has superiority. I had a Potion advantage since Jayce started with Doran’s Blade. I knew I could have a dominant position in laning phase if I just poke him with skill hiding behind the minions.

You could have been placed in no.2 with just 1 lose in the first set. Did you feel any pressure?

I didn’t have that in mind, I just tried to make my condition at the best before we met SKT T1.

I heard that multiple players were in charge of shot calling. Was it settled now?

Everyone was doing whatever they felt like to do at first, but now it’s getting better. Now Deft and I are making suggestions.

How’s your team?

It was really noisy when I first came here. But since Score and Smeb started to take off early from the office after practice it has been much quieter these days.

Anything else to say?

I would like to thank Coaches for doing their best at ban/pick and kt for taking a good care of us. I’d like to say happy birthday to Coach Jung Jeseung; please consider today’s victory as a birthday gift. And happy new year to my fans. I’ll continue to show good performances in the future.

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