[Worlds 2019 Group Draw] KR Reactions: "I wish G2 gets smacked by C9 and Griffin with Braum and Tahm Kench."

Worlds 2019 Group Draw


Group AG2 Esports, Griffin, Cloud9

I think Griffin would at least beat up C9 in that group… I don’t know about G2 though.
└ You’re saying that they’ll end up 2nd there as well? You’re such a bad guy.
└ If it was IG instead of C9, it would have been worse, but it’s fortunate for them.

Reapered reacting live in the LCK Korea channel…
*Translation: Ahh… Life... (In this context, FML)

In my opinion, I think this is more hell than Group C.
└ That’s true. Griffin, G2, C9... All of them are weird teams who are extremely unpredictable in Bo1s.
└ I think so too. It feels that SKT and Fnatic will end up 1st and 2nd. It’s Griffin that I’m worried about…

Wherever it is, Griffin will be 2nd, so it would mean trouble for G2 if they don’t end up 1st.
└ I’m not sure if you’re a good guy or a bad guy.
└ Why 2nd in Groups?


└ ???: Yay!! Griffin and G2!!! That’s gonna be really fun!!!!

└  When it turns out as your own group...

└  ???: LOLZ!!! Hahaha!!


These guys need to get smashed in Groups to shut their fingers up…
└ I wish G2 gets smacked by C9 and Griffin with Braum and Tahm Kench.


Group BFunPlus Phoenix, J Team, GAM Esports

Group B is really so breezy.
└ It would actually be wrong for Doinb to fail to make it out of Groups.
└ They took Taiwan and Vietnam alone.
└ The gods of fate and luck are smiling at Doinb this year.
└ It seems like an easy group, but wouldn’t it be really fun if DAMWON goes into this group?
└ The law of Worlds Group Stage: whoever made it through easily gets eliminated in the quarterfinals.


Meanwhile, Doinb is…

└ LOL He looks extremely excited
└ So he's gonna play mid Fiddlesticks?


Group CSK Telecom T1, Fnatic, RNG

This is nuts! The No.1 fandom teams of each region gathered together!

└ If TSM made it to Worlds, it would have been like 90% fans around the World.
└ It would be stacked with glee and sorrow with every single game played.
└ The legacy teams all gathered. It’s the group with all LoL Esports history.
└ All three teams have at least been to the finals.
└└ RNG is the only team that didn’t win the championship.
└ Group C is Huni’s Group LOL. SKT Huni vs FNC Huni vs CG Huni


Whoever drew this group… You should be punished…

└ Jiizuke you bas**rd...

And I thought Group A would be fun… Group C makes me sigh.
└ It’s the worst-case scenario for SKT.
└└ But they can think if they just make it out of groups, it’ll be smooth to the championship. I don’t think there’s any team that can compete with SKT except for G2… The main point here would be how well Fnatic does.
└└ Yeah, they’re meeting the stronger teams in Bo1s… Their matchup from the quarters would be easier.
└└└ FunPlus disagrees.

If dumb TSM just made it to Worlds as the third seed, Group C would really be the legacy group… So close.
└ If only Zven didn’t do this…




Meanwhile, in Uzi’s room... “It’s SKT vs Fnatic hahahaha”


└ Faker locks in Galio immediately after they draw RNG...


Group DTeam Liquid, ahq e-Sports, Invictus Gaming


The temperature between the groups is so different…

Why is no one interested in this group?
└ I know, right? Team Liquid made it to the finals in MSI, and they’re like the king in the LCS. They are rather degraded because it’s NA, but I think TL would be unexpectedly strong with CoreJJ there.
└ I personally don’t think NA is any strong, but TL is a strong team.
└ It’s not that no one’s interested in Group D, it seems that there’s less interest because groups A and C are insane.

It’s the revenge match for MSI semis! LOL

If DAMWON goes to Group D, their road would be bumpy as well.

└ You can never predict the NA.
└ If iG has an unstable performance like their playoffs, DAMWON might even make it through as 1st place.


└  This is where we can see Nuguri vs TheShy. It’s gonna be a hell of fun.


※ Note: The reactions were gathered from Korean LoL communities. Some images may not be what actually happened during the draw.

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