Riot Games has filed new trademark applications

A report by Dot Esports confirmed that Riot Games has recently filed two new trademarks applications. The applications, which are viewable on Justia Trademarks, strongly implicate that Riot Game is developing two new games. 

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

The first trademark, RIOT TABLETOP, was filed on August 13, 2019. The trademark is marked with International Class Number 028, which signifies a game or toy-based application, and includes a description that reads as follows: "Board games; equipment sold as a unit for playing board games and tabletop games; tabletop games." This may mean Riot is working on a new tabletop game, or that 'RIOT TABLETOP' will be the trademark for the company to release multiple table top products.

TELLSTONES, filed July 29, is Riot Games' other new board-game related trademark.  The International Class Number 041 is for 'education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities', and the statement of goods and services implies online capabilities and organization of tournaments:


"Arranging and conducting live competitions, exhibitions and tournaments featuring board games, tabletop games and video games; entertainment services, namely, providing online video games; providing online information about board games, tabletop games and video games."


This wouldn't be the first time Riot Games has ventured into tabletop gaming. In 2016, Mechs vs. Minions was released as Riot's second official title within the League of Legends IP. Riot Games has already re-defined the burgeoning auto-battler genre with Teamfight Tactics earlier this year, and EVO co-founder Tom Cannon confirmed earlier this year that Riot was working on a fighting game. 


Riot's willingness to venture into new territory and its recent trademark application fillings mean that the company could be looking to create a tabletop esport in the near future. While these are only the earliest potential signs of development, seeing a few new games from the Riot factory in 2020 would not come as a surprise. 

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