Riot Games fines G2 Esports for Wunder 'playing' World of Warcraft Classic

Riot Games has fined G2 Esports for 'commercial violation' in the amount of €1,000. The violation in question falls  in the lap of Top Laner Martin "Wunder" Hansen, according to the LEC penalty tracker

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

G2 Esports was fined by Riot Games to the tune of $1,100.15 on Friday, September 13, though it is unknown when exactly the violation took place. The first and only other commerical violation of the 2019 LEC season was at the fault of Rogue on August 28, which was during the LEC Summer Playoffs. Due to the timing of the fine, it's assumed that Wunder's violation occured during the Playoffs as well.

While the details of Wunder's violation are unknown, G2's Top Laner has had a penchant for sneaky behavior throughout the summer. Earlier this summer, Wunder utilized a Pro View matchup highlight to draw on MS Paint at the beginning of a game for LEC viewers.


When G2 Jungler secured the 1000th kill of his European League of Legends career in the 2019 LEC Summer Finals against Fnatic, Wunder brought levity to the fierce competition, taking to All-Chat to say something along the lines of "1000th kill...on Jarvan IV? Really?"

Still, unlike showing off his skill on MS Paint or memeing in chat, playing WoW Classic, the new-old-new product from a top competitior in Blizzard Enteratinment on a computer provided by Riot Games during a Riot Games production, let alone broadcast, certainly falls within the realm of commercial violation for the LEC. 

In typical fashion, G2 Esports' response to the fine was about as serious as Wunder's actions themselves, thanking Riot Games for finally giving the team an excuse for uninstall WoW Classic from Wunder's computer. 



WoW Classic has been immensely popular since its release on August 27, even holding the top spot on the Twitch platform in terms of streaming viewership for an 11-day stretch.

For Wunder and G2, however, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship looms on the horizon. The Worlds Play-In stage kicks off on October 2nd, with G2 Esports taking the stage at the Main Event Group Stage starting on October 12th.

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      You've got to be kidding me. Are we really doing this again?

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